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Role of families in recovery – Test 02


There is one very good reason for families to be involved in the treatment of an addicted family member. Research indicates that the chances of a good outcome are improved when a patient’s family engages with and supports treatment.

Subject to our patients’ agreement, their families will be invited to attend Clinic Les Alpes for a family conference during the treatment. Hopefully there will be more than one conference. This will involve the Lead Therapist and the Family Therapist working together to support both patient and family identifying and resolving issues related to addiction. They will help the family to improve their understanding of addiction and how it is affecting family relationships as well as how to release themselves from the grip of addiction. We will aim to engage the family in recovery, identifying and building on the strengths that can be used to further everyone’s recovery as well as supporting the family to improve its relationships and overall functioning. The family will be involved in planning how individual and collective recovery will be sustained beyond Clinic Les Alpes, including engagement with worldwide networks of support such as AL-anon and Families Anonymous.