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Medical and Healthcare

The first task of our medical team is to identify, assess and reduce any risks to life and to stabilise health.

The second, where necessary, is to facilitate safe withdrawal from substances of dependence and to assess the effects of current medications.  Not everyone will require a detox.

Thirdly we assess every patient’s general physical and mental condition to ensure that they are in sufficient health to participate productively in treatment and recovery therapies.

Addiction takes a significant toll on physical and mental health, either directly or indirectly through its impact on self-care. There may also be co-existing health problems which may need to be addressed in their own right as well as to ensure they do not reduce the resources available to recovery.

Your general health will be medically monitored throughout your stay.

Detoxification (detox) is a necessary but insufficient part of the process known as withdrawal, the first stage of recovery. Withdrawal is both physical and psychological and these processes begin as soon as you make the choice to enter treatment.

Clinic Les Alpes has the expertise and resources to help you detoxify from substances of dependence, whether being consumed singly or in combination, as safely and as quickly as possible. The detox suites are specially designed to combine comfort, safety and the highest standards of medical care. Discreetly situated close to the nurse’s station for ease of access, they enjoy their own sitting room and exhilarating views towards Lake Geneva.

Patients suffering with cravings are helped with medication to make the process as painless and effective as possible.

The only question will be whether our medical team considers your level of intoxication or physical or mental complications pose a risk to you safely commencing detoxification at Clinic Les Alpes. In this unlikely case, a temporary referral may be made to a suitable hospital with which we have an agreement. Should this be required every measure possible will be taken to preserve confidentiality.

Engaging with recovery therapies doesn’t have to wait until detox is completed. In fact, we encourage you to participate in these therapies as soon as medically passed fit to do so. It can even help the detoxification process to be engaged in other therapeutic and leisure activities.

Whether problems of mental health pre-date addiction or have arisen as a result of it, a psychiatrist is on hand to attend to the needs of those who need help. The psychiatrist works closely with the medical and therapeutic teams.

A Clinical Psychologist will be available to help with assessing and treating any symptoms of psychological dysfunction such as cognitive impairment.