Private Drug and Alcohol Detoxification in the Swiss Alps

Hidden away in the mountains of Switzerland, Clinic Les Alpes offers customised treatment Programs to discerning patients who want to recover from substance abuse without compromising their privacy. Although Clinic Les Alpes offers many luxury amenities, it’s more than just a spa or wellness center; it’s a fully licensed medical clinic staffed by professionals known for their discretion and professional expertise.

One of the earliest phases of treatment is drug and alcohol detoxification. Not every patient needs this level of treatment, but for those who do, detoxification is an important first step in weaning the body from harmful substances and entering a state of inner peace.

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Detoxifying the Body

The purpose of detoxification is to eliminate alcohol and drugs from the body, ensuring the patient is ready for a fresh start before entering a luxury rehab Program. Going through the detox process alone can be uncomfortable, and it can also be dangerous. At Clinic Les Alpes, highly trained professionals monitor patients closely and provide supportive care to minimise discomfort. Doctors and nurses are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, to ensure the safety and comfort of every patient working through the process.

Patients also have access to a full complement of body-mind therapies to aid in detoxification and improve their overall wellbeing. Auriculotherapy, the stimulation of certain points on the outer ear, helps patients wean from opiates and other harmful substances, and it can also help relieve some of the anxiety and depression that can contribute to substance abuse. Additionally, Clinic Les Alpes offers lymphatic drainage, a massage technique that stimulates the body and helps eliminate toxins from the tissues. These complementary therapies ease withdrawal symptoms and keep patients feeling comfortable as they complete the initial detoxification process.

Recover in Peace and Comfort

Recovering from alcohol or drug use can be hard on the body, mind and spirit, so we’ve gone to great lengths to give patients a place where they can relax in luxury as they work to break free of substance use, gambling, sex addiction and other compulsions.

Our common spaces were designed to take advantage of the incredible natural views surrounding Clinic Les Alpes. In the summer, patients dine on the terrace while taking in panoramic views of Lake Geneva and other points of interest. When the temperature cools down, patients enjoy a roaring fire inside a library designed with British elegance in mind. Clinic Les Alpes also has a drawing room and a study, giving patients multiple places to relax and rejuvenate their minds and spirits.

Patients have their own private accommodations the entire time they’re at Clinic Les Alpes, giving them the privacy needed to relax and focus on eliminating drugs and alcohol from the body. Every room has elegant antique furniture, high-quality linens and unrestricted views of Lake Geneva and its surrounding meadows, mountains and forests.

Nutrition Management

During the detoxification process, it’s especially important to take in the right nutrients. That’s why Clinic Les Alpes has experienced dietitians on staff. Our dietitians develop micronutritional profiles for each patient, identifying any deficiencies in vitamins, minerals or amino acids. These deficiencies are addressed with well-balanced meals and nutritional supplements when appropriate. All meals provided by Clinic Les Alpes are made with fresh, local and seasonal products, ensuring they’re just as delicious as they are nutritious.

Start the Admissions Process

The compassionate professionals at Clinic Les Alpes are ready to help you stop using toxic substances and begin healing your mind and body. To start the admissions process, contact Clinic Les Alpes at +41 0(58) 360 55 0.