We never think about dependency / mental health issues and its destructive nature without holding in mind the essential creativeness of recovery and wellbeing.

Recovery reunites the person with their authentic self, allowing them freely to experience themselves as they really are. Recovery is also something to be enjoyed rather than endured.

As a container, the Clinic is an important contributor to the therapeutic experience and we therefore give a great deal of thought to the healthy operation of the Clinic as a whole.

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Therapies Offered

The particular therapies we have at our disposal have been selected for good reason for the genuine contribution we know that they can make to recovery.

One-to-one counselling

Your principal therapist will be your guide and support throughout your stay, drawing on the rest of the team as necessary to ensure you receive the most appropriate help. During these sessions you will identify where other available therapies may be of help to your recovery.

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Reformulation is a process facilitated by the therapist working with you that will help you to understand how the thoughts and behaviours developed in the past as a coping mechanism may now be unhelpful and self-defeating in the present.

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Art therapy

Sometimes words just don’t do it for us. Or we can’t find the right words. It may be that we don’t know what it is that we want to say or how to say it. We may not even know what it is we are feeling so we can’t express it. This is often where we end up in our addiction and this is when Art Therapy can help.

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Group Psychotherapy

Group therapy offers participants the opportunity to better understand themselves through their relationships with others. It allows us to compare our own view of ourselves with how others see and experience us.

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Adventure therapy

Although not officially a therapy, Clinic Les Alpes is situated in an area of outstanding beauty with pure alpine air and there will be available to the patients a wide range of many outdoor activities, depending on the season.

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12 Step Programs

While Clinic Les Alpes will draw upon the principles of the Minnesota Model, which in turn developed as a professionally delivered treatment based on applying the principles and practices of Alcoholics Anonymous, it will provide a treatment Program that is sufficiently adaptable to enable an offering of individualised treatment and care.

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Family Recovery

With the patient’s consent, families are invited to participate in the treatment process by attending family conferences but we also respond to the needs of families in their own right.

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