Gambling Addiction Treatment

For those suffering from gambling addictions or problematic gambling behaviours, Clinic Les Alpes offers a luxury gambling rehab in Switzerland dedicated to treating and confronting this illness head-on. Gambling is a truly consuming addiction, and can be just as life-altering as those addictions sometimes seen as more ‘dangerous’ like alcoholism or heroin. For those suffering from addiction, it is crucial to seek the right professional support as soon as possible to ensure the best chance of long-term recovery. Clinic Les Alpes is a Swiss luxury rehabilitation centre that can help you, and your loved ones, overcome gambling addiction with professionalism, care, and dedication.

Why Choose a Luxury Gambling Rehab in Switzerland

Choosing a Swiss luxury rehabilitation centre offers you the chance to experience world-class treatment in serene and beautiful natural surroundings creating a unique and transformative healing experience. Clinic Les Alpes is an exclusive facility that provides cutting-edge therapies, individualised care, and a discreet and confidential environment for those seeking treatment for gambling addiction. Take this chance to start your journey to recovery surrounded by breathtaking beauty and utmost privacy for an unparalleled healing experience.

What Is Gambling Addiction?

Gambling addiction refers to a pattern of gambling behaviour where a person may struggle to keep control over their gambling habits, start to prioritise gambling over other important aspects of their life, and they continue to gambling despite clear negative consequences in their life from doing so. It’s important to remember that a person can have problematic gambling behaviour that needs treatment, without necessarily being a ‘gambling addict’.

Gambling Addiction Symptoms: What Are the Signs of Gambling Addiction?

  • Do you find yourself gambling with higher amounts of money to get that same rush or excitement that you used to get?
  • Do you ever feel restless or irritable when you try to stop or cut back on gambling?
  • Have you tried, and failed, before to cut back or stop gambling?
  • Is gambling often on your mind, even when you should be thinking about or concentrating on other things?
  • Do you tend to turn to gambling as a way to feel better or cope with difficult emotions like stress, upset, anger or loneliness?
  • Have you ever ‘chased’ your losses - returning the day after a loss to try and win your money back, or get even?
  • Have you ever lost something really important because of your gambling, like a relationship, a job, opportunities, or friendships?
  • Have you ever had to borrow, steal, or ask for money from others in your life because you’ve lost your own money gambling?
  • Do you ever prioritise gambling over other events or commitments in your life?
  • Have you kept gambling even though you know it’s having a negative impact on your life?
If you have said ‘yes’ for yourself, or someone you know, for any of the above points, it may be time to seek professional help and support. Attending a rehabilitation centre can be a great way to start your recovery journey by addressing not only the gambling behaviour, but also the root causes of why gambling can get so out of control for each unique person.

What Happens in Gambling Addiction Rehabilitation?


Your first 5 days will consist of an assessment period where your lead therapist will complete multiple screenings and a biopsychosocial assessment with you in order to establish a complete psychological profile that will best enable Clinic Les Alpes to address your addiction and mental health concerns. You will also undergo full assessments with our medical, dietetic, and medical spa teams to ensure a holistic treatment and wellbeing experience.


At the end of your assessment period you will work in collaboration with your lead therapist to create an individualised treatment plan that will support you in achieving your personal treatment goals. These treatment interventions include daily one-to-one therapy and groups, as well as complementary therapies such as massage, meditation, equine therapy, art therapy, acupuncture, and more. You will be followed by the entire team during your treatment stay with regular check-ins to ensure your programme is staying on plan and meeting your needs.


During your last week with Clinic Les Alpes, you will work in collaboration with your lead therapist to create a personalised Relapse Prevention Plan that will act as a ‘road map to recovery’ and help you avoid relapses and triggers in the future. You will also receive a unique and personalised aftercare plan that ensures you do not go home alone, and will continue to receive world-class professional support in your ongoing wellness journey.

Is Gambling Addiction Related to Mental Health Problems?

It is very rare that addictions exist without other mental health problems. In fact, statistically those with gambling addictions or problematic gambling behaviours often experience dependencies or addictions to substances like nicotine or alcohol as well as mood and anxiety disorders. The cause-and-effect relationship of gambling addiction and mental health concerns can become a “chicken or the egg” question without proper therapeutic intervention and guidance; not only do mental health problems cause and aggravate gambling behaviours, but gambling behaviours will also cause and aggravate mental health problems, even if we think it helps us in the moment. It is vitally important to treat both at the same time to ensure success in long term recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does rehab for gambling addiction take? Recovery from addiction is a life-long goal. However, in-patient rehab programmes have been demonstrated to have a significant positive effect on long-term recovery. If this is your first time seeking treatment, most professionals recommend at least a 4 week programme to get started. At Clinic Les Alpes we also offer extensions to those 4 weeks for as long as you feel you could benefit from our care and support.

How can we help stop relapses?

Many people go into rehab thinking they will be ‘cured’ if they can ‘just stop drinking’ or ‘just stop gambling’; however, we know that abstinence alone is not a cure. Clinic Les Alpes will help prevent relapses by addressing the root causes of addiction and mental health concerns, supporting not only recovery from addiction, but from poor mental health and wellbeing as well. Prior to discharge, you will also complete a solid Relapse Prevention Plan and Aftercare Plan with your lead therapist, ensuring that you have all the tools and support necessary to live the best version of your life.

Can people recover from gambling?

Absolutely, those who truly desire change from gambling addiction can find recovery. Modern research indicates that up to 80% of those experiencing problematic gambling behaviours will never seek formal treatment - but those that do are significantly more likely to experience long term and sustainable recovery than those who go it alone. It is never too late, and things are never too far gone, for you to seek help and succeed in your recovery journey. There is always hope at the end of the tunnel, and Clinic Les Alpes offers to stand as the beacon of that hope for you and your family. Nestled in serene surroundings, this exclusive clinic offers world-class therapies in state of the art facilities as the preeminent luxury gambling rehab in Switzerland. Embrace the journey to recovery in full confidence, with complete privacy, and take the first step towards a life of lasting wellness.
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