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In assessing all aspects of your health and wellbeing our dietician will review your eating and nutritional habits and, working with the Chef, will come up with a plan tailored to your needs. The aim is for you to develop good nutrition and eating habits which you can practice and then take with you into your life beyond treatment.

Evidence is steadily accumulating that emphasises the importance of good sleep. We know that mood is affected by the quality of sleep and regulation of mood plays a key part in addiction. Poor sleep also has an effect on general health. Having understood any problems you may have with sleep, we will help you to incorporate beneficial, sleep-friendly behaviours into your personal routine.


The old saying about a healthy body contributing to a healthy mind has a lot of truth to it. Fitness is an important resource when it comes to sustaining recovery. There are plenty of opportunities at Clinic Les Alpes for you to improve your level of physical fitness:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Outdoor exercise and adventure
  • Fitness room
  • Physiotherapy

Stress management is about balancing the demands we allow to be placed on us or that we place upon ourselves and our fitness to cope with those demands. Excessive demands threaten fitness. Inadequate fitness intensifies the demands.


We make available a variety of materials in written or recorded form that provide useful insight in to addiction and recovery and perspectives on how to move from one to other, as well as how to maintain that direction.

We provide talks in person or on screen or by audio on aspects of recovery.

Smoking tobacco is one of the most damaging addictions, particularly in its wide-ranging and long-term impact on health of individuals as well as on passive smokers.

While we permit smoking in certain designated areas only, it is essential to offer the opportunity and the support to give up smoking. Being in an addiction clinic with all the resources it has to offer is perhaps an ideal time to quit.

We have perfect spaces and instructors for you to start meditation and mindfulness sessions if helpful for you.


Besides help with the psychological aspects of stress management, our private rehab centre has a Medical Spa offers a variety of physical therapies including:

  • Massages
  • Reflexology
  • Sauna
  • Swimming pool with panoramic view

“Serenity” is the name given to a quite extraordinary space carved out of the mountain side with spectacular mountain views and is reached only by a tunnel from the treatment level. It is a place in which to meditate, reflect quietly, rest or partake of Light Therapy.

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