Luxury Rehab for Residents in Singapore

A Luxury Rehab Nestled in the Swiss Alps, Offering High-End Addiction Treatment for Residents in Singapore

For Singaporeans seeking healing and recovery in a beautiful, serene setting, Clinic Les Alpes’ stunning location near Montreux, Switzerland, provides the perfect retreat. Nestled in the Swiss Alps overlooking Lake Geneva, the clinic is a discreet, fully medically licensed, high-end inpatient luxury rehab clinic for residents of Singapore. Our multilingual team compassionately and professionally cares for patients who come to reset and recover from addiction and other emotional and mental health conditions. 

Our private location, immersed in one of Earth’s most beautiful settings, offers fresh mountain air, peace and tranquillity for resident patients. Meanwhile, an around-the-clock staff of doctors, psychiatrists, nurses and therapists provide the highest level of personalised treatment plans and compassionate care.

The clinic’s bespoke programmes are tailor-made for each resident patient, whether suffering from emotional burnout and exhaustion or addiction to any range or combination of substances or behaviours. The setting is airy and spacious yet intimate, private yet open. We hope to make it a transformative experience you’ll never forget.

Traveling From Singapore to Clinic Les Alpes in Switzerland

Closest airports

Patients flying to the clinic from Singapore have the option of flying into any of the nearby airports while having the luxury of being picked up by the clinic’s private limousine service for a scenic ride to the clinic. The larger nearby airports include:

Two smaller options include Gstaad and Sion Airports in Switzerland. Sion Airport is less than one hour from the clinic and welcomes private and chartered international flights.

Approximate Travel Times

If traveling from Singapore to a nearby airport, whether it be Geneva or Zurich, approximate travel time can range from 13 to 17 hours, depending on any necessary layovers. Our chauffeured limousine service will be awaiting your arrival at your chosen airport to provide you with private, direct and stress-free transportation service from the airport to the clinic.

Possible Airlines

Commercial airlines travelling frequently between Singapore Changi Airport and airports close to the clinic include Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Finnair, Turkish Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa and British Airways. While most flights include one stop, many offer options for short, one-hour layovers. Additionally, Singapore Airlines offers daytime flights for those who prefer not to fly overnight.

Other Transportation Options

The clinic offers our private, chauffeured limousine service to pick up all patients travelling from Singapore to Switzerland from anywhere in Switzerland as they begin their stay. However, other modes of transportation within the country include high–speed train, helicopter and regional flights.

Switzerland: Natural Beauty, Privacy and Discretion in Medical Care

Clinic Les Alpes sits immersed within the picturesque setting of stunning Lake Geneva, Switzerland’s largest lake, alongside soaring Swiss Alps mountain peaks. From here, our Singaporean patients may experience a much-needed escape from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life to a place where everyday worries can be set aside from the mind, in a country where privacy and discretion are amongst our most treasured values.

Our Breathtaking Facility

Clinic Les Alpes’ alpine chateau is perched overlooking beautiful lake Geneva from a pristine spot nestled at the foot of the Swiss Alps, allowing resident patients to step outside and immediately breathe the fresh mountain air. Our building’s elegant aesthetics and architecture reflect the area’s cultural history and the surrounding natural beauty of the mountains. Walls of windows offer 360-degree panoramic views, and sprawling decks provide ample space for patients to dine or relax outside in privacy. We’ve adorned every room with fine, luxurious touches, paying exquisite attention to detail. Our goal is to create the most peaceful and uplifting environment for your new self.

Amenities also include a full medical spa, elegant dining rooms, private living quarters and a stunning indoor pool with unmatched views.

Conditions We Treat

Our compassionate, highly credentialed team of physicians, nurses and therapists is on site to treat a wide range of behavioural and substance addictions, mental health issues and emotional health issues.

Burnout and Exhaustion

In today’s fast-paced, modern world where people strive to juggle businesses, relationships and other passions, burnout and exhaustion are all too common. Especially for highly successful Singaporeans, rest, restorative treatments and healing are often essential to bring back a sense of full self-expression, joy and vibrancy into one’s life. 

Mental and Emotional Health

Patients with mental and emotional health conditions benefit immensely from our high staff-to-patient ratio. Our compassionate therapies range from one-to-one cognitive behavioural therapy to horse therapy, art therapy and relaxing spa treatments including meditation, acupuncture and therapeutic massages.

Anxiety and Depression

Whether someone suffers from chronic anxiety and/or depression or experiences them intermittently or situationally, these conditions greatly affect one’s life. Often, anxiety and depression go hand in hand with addiction.

Behavioural Addiction

Often, the negative effects of behavioural addiction are underestimated in terms of how they can affect a person’s life and well-being. Including relationships, financial health and overall level of happiness. Our staff provides judgment-free, compassionate and knowledgeable treatment of behavioural addictions that can include anything from sex and shopping to food or gambling. 

Substance Dependency

As a fully licensed medical facility, Clinic Les Alpes stands apart from many rehabilitation treatment centres, as we’re able to provide private, medical and detoxification services for patients who come in wishing to recover from substance addictions such as additions to alcohol, prescription drugs, stimulants, opiates and more.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is extremely common yet can present in a myriad of ways that vary from person to person. Our programmes therefore combine treatment modalities to address patients holistically and individually.

Our Approach and Treatment Programmes

As an inpatient luxury rehab for residents in Singapore, our holistic, customised treatment programme begins with a patient’s initial call and agreement to a minimum of a three-week stay at the facility in Switzerland. Treatment progresses through a patient’s residential stay, where they have access to around-the-clock care and a wide range of therapies that continue long after departure through continued calls and check-ins. This way, we help each patient bring their new mindset, skills and successes they obtained while at the clinic into their daily lives. 

Medical and Health Care

Clinic Les Alpes is inspected and fully medically licensed by the Swiss Department of Health. As body and mind work together as an integrative system, we monitor each patient’s health through medical assessments as they undertake various forms of treatment. We create customised diet plans, adjust any medication and monitor for improvements and variances in each patient’s physical, mental and emotional health throughout their stay.

Recovery Therapies

The clinic’s team has carefully curated therapeutic programmes for patients recovering from addiction including one-to-one counselling, adventure therapy, family recovery and more. We treat each patient as the individual they are, always taking their feedback, lifestyle and goals into consideration in the design of their treatment.

Health Education and Practice

Mindful, relaxing and healthful habits are essential to the well-being of any patient, and the clinic’s inpatient treatment programmes allow staff to work closely with patients in developing lasting practices that can carry forward into their daily lives.

Why Should I Choose Clinic Les Alpes?

At Clinic Les Alpes, we know our patients. We understand their lifestyles and unique concerns. That’s why our medical, addiction recovery and mental and emotional health therapies are customised to each individual, along with discreet, discerning compassion and empathy. Additionally, the beautiful natural setting provides a reminder of what it means to be a part of nature, untethered from the artificial stimuli we’re often bombarded with in our modern lives. We aim to provide a setting and experience that will help each patient see themselves in a completely new way, in line with the inherently whole being they truly are.

The time it takes for any patient to be admitted depends on their unique needs and life circumstances. Before either party makes a commitment to treatment, we conduct an initial call to discuss our treatment options and allow the patient to ask and receive answers to any questions they may have. If interested in learning more, the patient speaks directly with our medical director over video call to meet and discuss any remaining questions or concerns. Our staff assists those who decide to enter treatment in determining the best timing and plan for admission.

We require a minimum stay of three weeks for our inpatient treatment programmes, but the exact length of treatment for every patient may vary and is discussed on the first video call with the clinic’s medical director.

Often, a patient’s primary relationships are affected deeply by a patient’s addictions and/or mental and emotional health issues. For those who’d like to participate, we offer family therapy sessions and a full three-day programme for family members.

Clinic Les Alpes serves an international clientele of men and women from across the globe ages 18 years and

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