GHB Addiction Treatment

GHB addiction is a serious illness that can deeply affect those suffering from it and their families. This is why Clinic Les Alpes are dedicated to providing a safe, confidential, and state of the art luxury rehabilitation centre designed to give each individual the best start on their road to recovery. The first step for many is often a detox period, where it is crucial to receive the right medical supervision in order to complete withdrawal safely and effectively.

It is crucial to receive not only this medical care, but also psychological treatment to ensure that recovery can be long-lasting and meaningful. GHB treatment and rehabilitation is possible, and at Clinic Les Alpes we offer the care and expertise needed to overcome and heal from this addiction.

Why Choose a GHB Rehabilitation Centre in Switzerland

The first step to recovery often involves taking a step back, and there is no better place to do that than in the hands of Clinic Les Alpes. Choosing a luxury rehabilitation centre in Switzerland offers you the chance to receive individualised treatment, state of the art therapies, and 24/7 medicalised care whilst in the comfort of complete privacy and confidentiality.

Do not miss this opportunity to experience a truly transformative healing journey amidst the backdrop of pristine nature and in the hands of world leaders in addiction treatment and recovery.

What Is GHB

GHB (short for gamma hydroxybutyrate) is a central nervous system depressant, which means that it works by slowing down messages between the brain and the body. A similar drug that’s often used synonymously, GBL (short for gamma butyrolactone), converts to GHB once in the body almost immediately.

These drugs are most often sold in liquid form as a colourless, odourless, liquid that has a slightly salty taste, which contributes to this drug often being used as a ‘date rape’ drug. 

Is GHB Addictive? 

Yes, GHB and GBL are both addictive illegal substances. Physical addiction typically occurs when GHB is taken in consistent or increasing quantities over a prolonged period of time, creating a dependency of the brain and body on this substance to continue functioning normally. Psychological addiction can occur because this drug functions on multiple neurotransmitters in the brain and creates a pleasurable experience that many users seek to recreate and experience again.

It is important to remember that a person can use this drug in a way that causes problems for them in their life without necessarily being ‘addicted’ - in these cases it is important to seek treatment and professional support early to prevent an addiction from forming. 

What Are the Signs of GHB Addiction

  • Do you ever find yourself taking more GHB or doing it for longer than you intended to?
  • Have you made attempts to stop or cut back on using but haven’t been able to?
  • Do you spend a lot of time either getting, using, or recovering from GHB?
  • Do you find yourself having cravings or urges to use?
  • Have you ever struggled to fulfil your responsibilities or obligations because of using, like at work, at home, or at school?
  • Are you continuing to use, despite it causing problems in your friendships and relationships? 
  • Have you given up any important activities because of GHB use, like work activities, social activities, or even hobbies? 
  • Do you keep using GHB, even though you know that it puts you at risk? 
  • Have you kept using GHB even though you know it’s causing or aggravating any physical or psychological problems you might have? 
  • Have you noticed that your tolerance is increasing? That is to say, you need to take more than you used to in order to get the same effect? 
  • Have you ever felt withdrawal symptoms (anxiety, agitation, racing heart, paranoia, bad mood, nausea etc) and then felt much better once you took some more GHB? 

If you have said ‘yes’ for yourself, or someone you know, for any of the above points, it may be time to seek professional help and support. Attending a rehabilitation centre can be a great way to start your recovery journey by addressing not only your GHB use, but also the root causes of why GHB use can get so out of control for each unique person.

GHB Addiction Treatment and Rehab

Detox and Withdrawal

GHB detox can be dangerous, and it is important to receive close medical supervision whilst undergoing it to avoid risks such as cardiac arrest, renal failure, or seizures. Under close supervision from our medical team, and with the help of medication, monitoring equipment, and complementary therapies, detox and withdrawal can be completed at Clinic Les Alpes safely and with minimised suffering. 


Once your physical condition has been stabilised, you will undergo an assessment period with your lead therapist who will complete a full psychological profile. This includes multiple screenings and a biopsychosocial assessment that will best establish how Clinic Les Alpes can address your addiction and mental health concerns. You will also undergo full assessments with our medical, dietetic, and medical spa teams to ensure a holistic treatment and wellbeing experience. 


Every person who comes to Clinic Les Alpes will work in collaboration with their lead therapist to create an individualised treatment plan, designed to meet your unique needs and support you in meeting your personal treatment goals. These treatment interventions include daily one-to-one therapy and groups, as well as complementary therapies such as massage, meditation, equine therapy, art therapy, acupuncture, and more. You will be followed by the entire team during your treatment stay with regular check-ins to ensure your programme is staying on plan and meeting your needs.


In your last week of treatment, you will work together with your lead therapist to create a personalised Relapse Prevention Plan that will support you in avoiding relapses and ensuring you have a solid plan to support your ongoing recovery. You will also receive an individualised and unique aftercare plan so that you will continue to benefit from world-class professional support in your ongoing wellness journey.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What Is the Difference Between GHB and GBL?

GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate) is a chemical that works directly on the brain and its neurotransmitters similarly to other central nervous system depressants such as alcohol. GBL (gamma butyrolactone) is a chemical that very closely resembles GHB, and once ingested converts to GHB almost immediately in the body. The practical difference is that there is a slightly different chemical structure but once ingested they act identically. 

How Long Do GHB Withdrawals Last? 

Detoxing from GHB/GBL can be difficult because the brain and body can come to expect its effects and can struggle to function without it. A person will start to experience the symptoms of withdrawal between 6-72 hours after their last dose and acute withdrawal can last between 5-15 days. Sudden withdrawal or detox that is not managed medically can be very dangerous and carries the risk of slowed heart rate, cardiac arrest, renal failure and seizures. 

How Long Does GHB Recovery Take?

Once someone has overcome their acute withdrawal and detoxing period, it is time to start the journey towards long term recovery. While it is true that recovery is a life-time goal, in-patient rehabilitation programmes have consistently been proven to significantly increase the chance of successful long-term recovery. Most first timers or those who are recovering from a relapse will typically start with a 4 week intensive treatment programme - however Clinic Les Alpes can also offer extensions to those wishing to prolong their treatment and support windows. 

With a commitment to professional care and dedication, Clinic Les Alpes stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking GHB addiction treatment. Surrounded by tranquillity, our exclusive facility provides cutting-edge medical and psychological treatment support with luxury amenities to ensure the utmost comfort. Take the first step in your recovery in the hands of industry leaders with complete confidentiality and trust us, and yourself, to create a beautiful new beginning together. 

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