A Luxury Inpatient Rehab for Residents in Los Angeles, CA

Nestled in the Swiss Alps, Offering High-Profile Addiction Treatment & Mental Health Care for U.S. Citizens

You live in the “City of Angels” but addiction is taking its toll of your mind, body and spirit. You’re suffering and no doubt your family is also. You know you need to get away, take time out and get help. But where to go? Where in the world can you go where you will be supremely well looked after with your individual needs fully recognised and properly attended to? Where is there a facility that completely understands your need for privacy, confidentiality and security; one that doesn’t just talk about the highest standards in the world but exemplifies them, day in day out? You want the best help there is and you want to receive it where you feel most comfortable doing so; in other words, where excellence and luxury are standard.

There really is nowhere quite like Clinic Les Alpes when it comes to a high-end luxury rehab Los Angeles residents can immerse themselves in. It has everything: the most comfortable and beautifully appointed facilities, staff with world-class professional expertise, whether in clinical treatment, psychological and physical therapies or hospitality. The professional commitment to excellence in service is suffused with real human empathy and compassion. This luxury treatment centre for addiction is set in the most stunning alpine scenery above the delightful city of Montreux, that sits elegantly beside the shore of Lake Geneva, Switzerland. The uplifting natural environment, with its panoramic views, is surely therapeutic in itself. In these breathtaking but tranquil surroundings Clinic Les Alpes offers residents of Los Angeles an exceptional opportunity to discover and enjoy restoration, recovery and renewal.


A Journey to Recovery and Wellbeing

Closest airports

Clinic Les Alpes is located at only an hour drive from the International Airport of Geneva (GVA). Our chauffeur will be waiting for you at the arrivals and will take care of all your luggage. A very comfortable ride on the shores of Lake Geneva will take you to the top of the mountain, in a magnificent and secluded place that is Clinic Les Alpes.

What would be life without having a choice. You can also arrive to Zürich International Airport (ZRH). The journey to Clinic Les Alpes takes two hours and it is so smooth you won’t even feel the time passing.

Two other airports, that welcome private jets, complete the choices you have, in Sion and Gstaad. From Sion it takes about 45 minutes to get to the clinic and from Gstaad, count around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

In any case, we can be with you every step of the way.

Approximate travel times

There are two companies that fly daily from LAX: Swiss International Airlines and United Airlines. Both will take approximatively 10 hours to get to Zürich. You can then connect with a flight to Geneva Airport, or we can organise your transfer from Zürich with our chauffeur. You have also the option to travel on high-speed trains which are available throughout Switzerland offering first class seats. Another option is travelling by helicopter.

Transportation Options

Los Angeles residents travelling to the Clinic may choose to fly by commercial or private planes. Within Switzerland, transportation options include high-speed trains, regional flights and helicopters. We provide all patients with a return trip from anywhere in Switzerland to the Clinic by chauffeured limousine.

Switzerland: Natural Beauty, Privacy and Discretion in Medical Care

We believe our location nestled in the majestic Swiss Alps is the perfect place for high-end, exclusive, personalized addiction and mental health treatment for residents of Los Angeles. Switzerland is a country known for valuing privacy, discretion and the highest standards of medical care.

Nearby Montreux sits on the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps, and patients may go on outings there and in the surrounding areas to hike and enjoy the spectacular natural beauty both in summer and winter.

Our Breathtaking Addiction Treatment Centre

Given the exceptional quality of its amenities with an excellence of service to match, Clinic Les Alpes effectively defines and sets the benchmark for terms like luxury rehab centre.

Conditions We Treat

Unparalleled standards of excellence in the comprehensive care of residents of Los Angeles

Burnout and Exhaustion

As an exclusive private rehab catering to Los Angeles residents, many people come to us because their hectic, driven lives are resulting in varying degrees of burnout and exhaustion. What’s more they are usually trying to cope with stress in ways that only make matters worse. Call time out and let the luxury addiction treatment centre that is Clinic Les Alpes help you restore a healthy balance and re-set life’s priorities.

Mental and Emotional Health

Addiction may be the specific diagnosis but successful recovery involves a whole-person approach. That is why luxury addiction treatment centre, Clinic Les Alpes helps you identify, adopt and practice the personal strategies you will need to restore and sustain all aspects of your emotional and mental health.

Anxiety and Depression

As elsewhere, residents of Los Angeles will be all too familiar with anxiety and depression; many times experienced together. These states of mind may have contributed to the onset of addiction or they may result from it. In either case, Clinic Les Alpes has the range of skills and expertise to help bring much longed-for, healthy relief from these sometimes life-limiting conditions.

Behavioural Addiction

Addiction to pornography, gambling, sex, food, exercise, shopping or social media can be just as harmful as substance abuse. The stigma is equally powerful and can deter people from reaching out for the help they desperately need. The empathic, non-judgmental team at Clinic Les Alpes is ready to do all it can to help you recover from the all-consuming relationship you may have developed with such behaviours, fashioning a personalised recovery plan with you.

Substance Dependency

If you need to undergo a medical detox you will not have to start in one place and then be transferred to another for the psychological treatment. As a top luxury drug treatment centre, Clinic Les Alpes is fully equipped to help you withdraw safely from any and all substances of dependence and does so by ensuring this is managed in the warmly supportive context of a service focussed on your recovery as a whole.

Dual Diagnosis

We are always alive to the possibility that a person may be suffering from more than one problem, which is why careful assessment and treatment planning is one of the hallmarks of exclusive rehab Clinic Les Alpes’ approach to your personal care. While medication may be necessary, access to other therapies is vital in taking an integrative holistic approach.

Our Approach and Treatment Programs

Recovery is a process not an event. As part of our commitment to your recovery in the long term, we start thinking about a recovery aftercare plan tailored to your individual life and needs as a resident of Los Angeles, CA, from our first contact.

Medical and Health Care

As you would expect, your safety is our first concern. Starting with a thorough and careful assessment, we look to gain a full understanding of your present physical and psychological condition, taking the steps needed to reduce any presenting risks of harm to your health. This informs all our ongoing care, including the important management of medications.

Recovery Therapies

Taking full account of your personal goals, we call upon on and integrate a variety of therapies that are known to help the recovery of mind, body and spirit. We recognise that recovery is trying to happen. Our role is provide the conditions which encourage and help improve its chances; including fostering an optimistic therapeutic environment in which change really feels possible.

Health Education and Practice

Learning what and what doesn’t help promote personal recovery as well as what improves and sustains wellbeing is essential. Then it’s a question of putting learning into practice. That is easier to do with the right help. We provide you with all the support necessary for you to improve self-care, including through addressing diet, sleep, exercise, relaxation and stress management.

Meet Our Treatment Team

A very warm welcome. Simply put, we are here for you; around the clock. As an integrated team of dedicated, warm-hearted doctors, nurses and therapists we take a holistic approach, working closely with residents of Los Angeles you to help you find the best sustainable path to recovery and wellbeing. It’s our pleasure.

Medical Director

Dr. Randolph Willis


Dr. Victor Leroy

General Practitioner

Dr Sylvain Atrash

“Clinic Les Alpes is a genuine centre of excellence. My time at the clinic has been life changing and the care offered by Clinic Les Alpes is world-class because it’s delivered with expertise and love.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients come to us for our experience and excellence in providing the highest level of medical and therapeutic care within a fully medically licensed treatment center providing 24/7 care, in an environment of total privacy, tranquility and discretion.

Above all, what sets Clinic Les Alpes from drug and alcohol rehab centers in Massachusetts and Boston is our supportive environment and focus on caring for each patient with empathy, tolerance, acceptance and gentleness ensuring total discretion and privacy.

As with all our addiction and mental health treatment programmes at Clinic Les Alpes, the admission process is tailored to each prospective patient’s needs and circumstances. We have a discreet process that allows each potential patient to ensure a stay at the clinic is the right fit at the right time.

First, we connect prospective patients with our Admissions Department staff to discuss our programme options and answer any initial questions the patient may have. If our mental health and substance use disorders treatment options seem to be the right fit for the patient’s needs, the patient then meets by video call with our Medical Director to discuss any remaining questions or concerns. After this, our staff and the prospective patient work together to decide the best plan and timing for admission.

This is something that will be assessed on the first video call with the Medical Director.

We recognize the crucial role family plays in a patient’s recovery journey, as well as the fact that family members are often also deeply affected by a loved one’s addictions. We offer family therapy sessions as well as a 3-day programme for family members.

Clinic Les Alpes serves New York City residents and an international clientele of men and women of all ages over 18 from across the globe.

Our Rates & What’s Inculded

Our Rates

CHF 45,000 per week for the 28 day program
Minimum recommended stay: 4 weeks
Private penthouse apartment and suites – price available upon request

What’s Included

A tailormade Program will be developed for each of our patients from Los Angeles, U.S., which may include:

Our integrative practices begin with somatic care to assess and strategize how a patient’s somatic body and physical conditioning may affect their substance use disorder as well as mental and emotional well being.

Somatic Care Includes:

  • A full body check-up: learning a patient’s history psychiatric and somatic histories and performing psychiatric and blood tests and somatic clinical examinations
  • Ongoing somatic and psychological checkups by our medical and nursing staff
  • Around-the-clock medical care, with nurses available 24/7
  • On-site, medically supervised detoxification from addictive substances and behaviours
  • Biological tests and a patient’s lab work evaluated our registered dietician to determine the best diet for each patient’s biology and needs.

The path from addiction or mental health conditions such as depression, burnout and anxiety requires tailored treatment options and ongoing tools. Our medical team performs comprehensive psychiatric assessments of each patient that includes:

  • Taking a patient’s full psychiatric and addictive history and family history of the same
  • Biological and genetic testing (if requested) to assist with diagnosis and medication management

Our wide array of psychological and therapeutic Programs include two therapy sessions per day per individual, potentially consisting of:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Group therapy

Other therapies offered include family therapy, 12-step Programs such as AA and NA and a detailed aftercare plan.

As part of our holistic approach to every patient’s well-being and recovery journey, we offer an extensive list of complementary therapies to help heal a patient’s mind, body and spirit.

This includes:

  • Treatments to soothe the nervous system and physiological blockages or tension such as acupuncture, massage therapy, lymphatic drainage, physiotherapy and reflexology
  • Mindfulness and energetic work including Reiki, meditation, medical hypnosis, Thai Chi and yoga
  • Artistic and adventure therapies including land/art therapy and equine-assisted psychotherapy

The following hospitality services are included as well:

  • Two transfers, per the entire stay, from and to anywhere in Switzerland
  • Private luxury bedroom with spectacular views to the Alps and/or Lake Geneva.
  • Full board
  • SPA access (gym, swimming pool, sauna, hammam)
  • WiFi access
  • Personal safe

Contact Us 24/7. 100% Confidential.


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