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Clinic Les Alpes is home to a multidisciplinary team of experts who work together to deliver a cohesive, comprehensive, and empowering treatment experience. Our tight interdepartmental collaboration means that patients have a seamless experience between our services. Keeping informed on the latest innovations in treatment and recovery, our team provides a structured and evidence based approach with all interventions offered.

Research has consistently demonstrated that true recovery, whether from an addiction or a mental health issue, requires a multidisciplinary team who can address all aspects of wellbeing. Thanks to the wide variety of world-class staff in our medical, clinical, and therapeutic teams, we are able to offer a standard of care that surpasses all others. Perhaps uniquely, all Clinic Les Alpes staff deliver their treatments and services in-house, under one roof. This offers patients a sense of stability, consistency, and comfort - aspects that are crucially important when engaging in a therapeutic recovery journey. Patients and their loved ones can rest assured that their complete spectrum of needs can be attended to in the luxury and security of our fully medicalised facility.

Every member of our team feels passionately about helping people heal and rediscover themselves in order to live their best quality of life. Not only are they highly skilled, but they also embody the values and standards of Clinic Les Alpes in treating all patients with kindness, compassion, and dignity. Our team is also highly multicultural, composed of members who represent many different cultures and languages, though all staff speak a level of English that is either fluent or native.

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Effective healthcare organisations

It may surprise you to learn that many providers do not appear to give much thought to what is required to optimise their chances of being effective on your behalf. Unfortunately this important consideration may be taken for granted as such providers get on with the business of delivery. The subject of what makes for effective treatment providers has been researched and there are a number of conclusions common to almost all of the studies. Time and again we learn that the most important component is the quality of the relationship between the helper (whether the Clinic as a whole or an individual member of the staff team) and the helped (the patient). Contributing to the quality of the therapeutic experience is the importance placed by the provider on respect, understanding and support as well as on communication and building trust. The functioning of the organisation also has an important part to play. If it has a clear mission and objectives and a correspondingly clear rationale; if staff are clear about their roles and well supported to fulfil them; if there is staff cohesion; if lines of communication are clear and properly used; if it is open to new ideas; if it is well structured and organised it has a better chance of providing effective help. This is especially the case in helping people with addictions who may otherwise live in a degree of chaos, confusion and distress.

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Inês Santiago has been involved with the development of the Clinic since its commencement. She has a Master in Economics, studied Health Management at Lausanne University focusing on the integration of good management and the health sector. She also studied the interplay between drugs and addiction at King’s College in London.

Inês has a strong personal understanding of the area of addiction and brings a holistic approach to the overall operations of the Clinic.

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Medical Director

Dr. Randolph Willis was born in Ann Arbor Michigan in 1963 where he later studied pre-med and French literature at the University of Michigan. Simultaneously finishing up his degree in the USA, he obtained a certificate from the University of Montpellier in the French language and culture and then began studies in medicine. He then moved to Switzerland where he obtained his degree in medicine in 1993 and, after residency, he received his certification as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist from the University of Lausanne.

From the year 2000 to 2005, Dr. Willis was responsible for two out-patient general psychiatry units in the canton of Valais in Switzerland and a member of the League for the prevention of substance abuse. In this setting, he became the designated supervisor of general practitioners that cared for substance abusers, notably in managing the prescription of methadone and out-patient detox programs. He also was the consultant psychiatrist – supervisor for two “hard-drug” substance abuse centers and a third center using a modified form of the Alcoholics Anonymous’12 step program for alcohol, marijuana and addiction to prescribed medications. From 2005 to 2007 he became an associate doctor at the Clinique la Métairie in Nyon, Switzerland where he practiced general psychiatry for English speaking patients and lead group therapy using the Minnesota method and self-hypnosis techniques in the clinic’s substance abuse unit.

For more than ten years, he was president of the French Swiss Association for Analytical Relaxation Therapy APAR and currently he is on the Board for the French Swiss Hypnosis Institute IRHyS with responsibilities such as supervision and research in hypnotherapy and the organization of local and international medical meetings on medical hypnosis.

Finally, before taking up the function of medical director of Clinic les Alpes, Dr. Willis was in private practice in the city of Montreux on the coast of breathtaking Lake Geneva. In this medical anthropology and ethnopsychiatry unit, he led a group of two psychologists and one psychiatric nurse/complimentary therapist. This team working in five languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Italian and, of course, French, maneuver through the psychosocial and cultural-linguistic interfaces between their patients and the local community.

Substance abuse has very often been a comorbidity associated with the preexisting or induced psychopathology this uprooted clientele presents and has allowed Dr. Willis to fine tune this hyperspecialized approach. Associated with this office work, Dr. Willis has also been consulted for private clinics in the Montreux region for English speaking patients suffering from substance abuse.

Dr. Willis’ role of Medical Director at the Clinic Les Alpes is the culmination of his professional aspirations and personal vocation. Helping people and their families in the domain of addiction is a pursuit he truly enjoys and shall endeavor to continually perfect at Clinic Les Alpes.

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Dr. Victor Leroy obtained his medical degree from the Nancy Medical School in France in 2012. He went on to complete a postgraduate diploma in adult psychiatry and psychotherapy, with further training in addiction psychiatry at the Lausanne University Hospital (LUH).

His two years of training at Les Boréales from 2012 to 2014 (a center for the management of intra-family abuse at the LUH) had a strong influence on Dr. Leroy's training, and he subsequently trained in systemic psychotherapy.

His year in the emergency department at LUH made him hesitate for a while between psychiatry and medicine. He managed to bring the two together when he joined the addiction medicine department in 2017. His first task was to accompany the start-up of the pharmaceutical heroin prescription program (federal HeGeBe program), before becoming one of the doctors in the LUH’s hospital addiction medicine unit, a 22 bed inpatient treatment center. In this department, he has acquired expertise in collaboration between the healthcare and harm reduction sectors, as well as in supporting the parenthood of people treated for substance use disorders.

Dr. Leroy is currently involved in the UNIL/FNS Medicine under control group, as part of an MD thesis project on the theme of supporting the parenting capacities of people with a substance use disorder.

Dr. Leroy is a member of the AVMCA, where he regularly runs workshops as part of the continuing education program for doctors caring for addicted people. He is also a member of COROMA (the association of physician of addiction medicine in Romandy) and the FORDD (Federation of addiction medicine training and teaching in Romandy).

He consults in French and English and speaks German and Italian.

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General Practitioner

Dr Sylvain Atrash is specialised in general and internal medicine. He obtained his diploma from the Faculty of Medicine of Paris.

He has great knowledge of brain and memory disorders, as well as a wide experience in addiction field in both private and public hospitals and clinics.

Dr Atrash speaks English, French and Arabic fluently.

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Séverine Périllat studied dietetics in Grenoble in France and immediately started working in an alcohol detoxification center near Chamonix in France.

Séverine then went on to working in Switzerland in a private clinic, first as a dietician and then as head of service. During these years she was able to develop her skills in the nutritional and therapeutic education of an international clientele.

Interested in holistic medicine, she trained in naturopathy where for 5 years she specialized in micronutrition.

She now has a solid experience of 17 years in the nutritional management of metabolic disorders (diabetes, hypertension, metabolic diseases…) and in the rebalancing of chronic disorders (stress, digestive problems, sleep…)

Keen to provide more global and individualized care, Séverine became interested in psycho-nutrition by becoming a health practitioner and then obtaining a university degree in pedagogy and psychology of eating behavior at the Faculty of Dijon to familiarize herself with the psycho-behavioral techniques such as the neuro cognitive and behavioral approach, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and mindfulness therapy.

Séverine is currently following a new training to become a practitioner in culinary therapy to support our patients meeting their emotions.

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Chief Nurse

Yann Fulliquet is a highly experienced head nurse, graduating from HESAV nursing school in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2009. His experience stretches back to even before his graduation as he worked in the addiction department of the CHUV hospital since 2006. He rose through the ranks as a nurse, then training practitioner and ultimately became head nurse of his department in 2018.

He successfully managed his team through an interdepartmental fusion of two services and organised the transition by reworking different levels of provided care and multidisciplinary work. Throughout the years he has established incredible expertise in the areas of addition and mental health treatment. Yann also worked for several years in the Violence Medicine unit at the CHUV hospital, developing his skills in forensic nursing care. His treatment skills are specialised in the use of motivational interviewing and auriculotherapy (Nada method).

In addition to this, he has led therapeutic groups that included focuses on relapse prevention and self-affirmation. To add to his already vast tool belt, Yann has recently completed training in zootherapy. This experience all lends to an incredibly empathetic and transcultural approach, that Yann can deliver in French, English, Portuguese.

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Deputy Chief Nurse

Arnaud Chartier obtained his State Nurse Diploma in November 2010.

He uses different therapeutic approaches as group therapy, motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioural therapies through self-affirmation and relapse prevention facilitated groups.

Arnaud accompanies each patient basing his philosophy on the concept of recovery and takes the individual as a whole in order not to define them to their illness. The safety and integrity of the patients are ensured thanks to his great experience in physical withdrawals to various substances.

Due to Arnaud’s long-time practice of martials arts, he has nurtured abilities such as body awareness, self-reliant relaxation skills and he can dispense body weight massages, which are powerful tools to manage emotions.

Brittany Hunt​​​​ Head of Quality, Innovation & Research Department

Brittany Hunt is a mental health and addictions clinician from New Zealand, who has worked in a variety of settings including residential rehabilitation centres, hospitals, and outpatient mental health services. While her primary focus of study has been addictions, she has also worked extensively with clients requiring treatment for their mental health, ranging from depression and anxiety to more complex illnesses such as PTSD and Schizophrenia. This includes intensive work with clients suffering from co-existing disorders (both addictions and mental health disorders).

Brittany focuses on using a holistic therapeutic approach to supporting clients and empowering them in their recovery and growth. This includes therapeutic techniques unique to New Zealand, which focus on client recovery and wellbeing in all areas of mental, physical, social, and spiritual health. Passionate about client empowerment, Brittany strives to always maintain a strength focused perspective and work in collaboration with her clients to help them achieve their best lives.

Brittany has trained with leaders in the New Zealand addiction field at the University of Auckland specialising in mental health and addictions studies, focused in substance-based addictions. She also is a long-registered practitioner with DAPAANZ (Drug and Alcohol Practitioners Association Aotearoa New Zealand) and member of the New Zealand Drug Foundation.

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Dominique André holds a Master of Sciences in Clinic Psychology and Psychopathology from the University of Lausanne. Although her first professional experiences were conducted in the legal sector, working in International Trade Business and Maritime law, her profound vocation to help others soon guided her steps.

After more than 10 years of pastoral clinical care, Dominique decided to professionalise her personal care skills by engaging in psychology studies that brilliantly led into a Masters in psychology degree. Her personal experience in the addiction and recovery fields provides her with a special sensitivity and understanding of patients’ and families’ distress.

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Jeff van Reenen is an experienced Addiction, Trauma and Relational Lead Therapist with a career spanning over 18 years in the hospital, rehab and mental health care sector.

Being in recovery himself from addiction, he has a deep understanding and the personal experience of what it’s like to suffer from addiction and then go on to prove that recovery is possible. He believes that the twelve-step programme is a great tool for some who may need this kind of support for recovery.

Jeff has a Masters degree in Addiction Psychology and Counselling from London Southbank University and he provides expertise and clinical solutions to our patients who are experiencing problematic behaviour – primarily with drugs, alcohol, gambling, work, internet, social medial, porn and sex addiction. He specialises in all SUD’s (substance use disorders) as well as behavioural addictions, relational trauma and co-dependence including difficulties with self-esteem, self-worth, anger, anxiety and depression. He is also a certified NARM therapist and practitioner having completed two years of specialised training in Belgium in 2023 for working with relational and developmental trauma. He has a particular interest in supporting all his patients, and especially those from the LGBTQI community, who have suffered from ACE’s (Adverse Childhood experiences).

In 2018, Jeff trained in post-induction therapy (PIT) at the Meadows in the USA under the guidance of Pia Melody and Sarah Bridge and PIT as a foundation with NARM is critical in addressing C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) which underlies most addictive and dysfunctional behavioural processes. He has also completed specialised training in treatment strategies for porn and sex addiction with Paula Hall in London and was awarded an Advanced Level practitioner in Motivational Interviewing by Stephen Rollnick in Cardiff, Wales UK.

As well as holding a Master of Science with Merit (MSc) / Post Graduate Dip / Dip in Addiction Psychology and Counselling degree, Jeff is also an Advanced Practitioner member of Addiction Professionals in London (AP APM) and is also National Counsellor Accreditation Certified (NCAC).

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Natalia Di Pascua has practiced in Chile, Uruguay and Switzerland in different clinical settings such as psychiatric hospitals, mental health centers, private clinics and public institutions. One of her area of expertise is working with different treatment modalities throughout recovery processes.

Natalia has traveled the world extensively, living in several countries and exploring across different cultures. She took back many tools in her “suitcase” such as methods from Gestalt and Transactional Analysis from Chile and Uruguay, Family Constellations from Argentina and Belgium, and Narrative Therapy from France.

She loves to offer those tools to our patients, so they can feel their own “suitcase” is full and complete enough to have the appropriate methods to support self-healing and recovery when leaving the Clinic. Her creative background as a writer led her to integrate this dimension into her therapeutic work through therapeutic writing spaces and groups.

She offers support in French, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Member of FSP (Fédération Suisse des psychologues), Member of AVP ( Association vaudoise des psychologues ), Member of RNAPU (Réseau national de psychologie d’urgence), Member of ORCA (Cellule Catastrophe vaudoise), holds a Master of Sciences in Psychology from the University of Lausanne. Specialized in Emergency psychology and psycho traumatology (FARP).

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Mert Ulusoy completed his undergraduate education at Yeditepe University, Department of Psychology. He completed his clinical psychology master’s degree right after that during which he was trained in CBT. After completing his clinical internship at a Psychological Counseling Center in Istanbul, he started working as a psychotherapist at the same center. Between 2017-2019, he completed the Basic Existential Analysis Training at the Existential Academy. He completed the Advanced Existential Analysis Training in the same center the following year. He has been trained in multiple psychotherapeutic modalities: Existential Analysis, Cognitive-Behavioral as well as Psychodynamic. He has been working in several private mental health clinics in Istanbul for the last couple of years. Mert works in two languages: English and Turkish.

He is a member of the British Psychological Society and a BACP registered psychotherapist in the United Kingdom.

He is a full member of the Turkish Psychological Association and a registered clinical psychologist in Turkey.

He is also an associate member of the Federation for Existential Therapy in Europe (FETE).

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Natalia Salamon completed her Bachelor's degree in Psychology with French at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. She continued her studies at the University of Lausanne where she obtained a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology in July 2021 where she familiarized herself with different psychotherapeutic approaches such as Psychodynamic,  Systemic and CBT.

Natalia has started her professional career at a public hospital in Lausanne working in the addiction ward. Before joining Clinic Les Alpes she also worked in an institution caring for people suffering from numerous mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, chronic depression, borderline personality disorder, PTSD.

She is fluent in Polish, English and French and works in all those three languages.

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Art Therapist

Angela Mendes holds a diploma in Audio-visual Production from the ESRA in Paris, a certificate as specialized contributor in Art Therapy, from A.F.R.A.T.A.P.E.M of Tours and a University Degree in Art Therapy from the Joseph Fourrier Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Grenoble.

From a very young age, Angela nourished her creativity and curiosity through the practice of various forms of artistic expressions: dance, theatre, music, singing, visual art, photography or video. Everything is a reason to create, experiment, to meet with others, to surpass, transform and reinvent oneself. She discovered and strongly believes in the beneficial effects of the artistic process. Angela offers a space without judgement and with reassurance.

Patients are invited to explore various artistic expressions as well as different materials in order to discover what suits them best, develop their abilities and master their emotions. This process facilitates the discovery and the affirmation of one’s own identity, reinforcing confidence in oneself and in the future.

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Art Therapist

Sarah Salzmann believes in the power of creativity to unlock each person’s potential to self recover or to reach self-accomplishment. Her mixed methods approach is based on extensive studies in psychology, holding a Master in Organizational Psychology, an executive MBA and a Swiss Certification in Art Therapy. She is also a trained Life Coach ICF.

In her practice and through the creative process of the person, she helps patients face and decode their fears, identify their inner strengths, recover from burnouts, addictions and psychological issues, crystallizing their inner balance and uncovering emotions so that one can thoroughly participate in their better being. She likes to quote “Things do not change. We change”.

Art Therapy is a fabulous and powerful approach to help people go beyond their intellectual understanding of their current state. Words are not needed. The creative process will make it happen.

You don’t need to be an artist to create. Creativity is innate to all of us. It is what keeps us alive! Let us welcome it into our lives

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Art Therapist

Zoé Carrel holds a diploma in visual merchandising design from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués in Vevey, as well as a post-graduate HES diploma in art therapy. She also holds a supervisor's certificate in art therapy and art mediation.

Creative by nature, she has an excellent knowledge of materials and the creative process. She has acquired solid experience in art therapy by working in institutions, collaborating with several social-medical establishments in the region and practicing in her private studio in La Tour-de-Peilz.

Zoé provides a caring and reassuring environment in which to accompany the creative process, while respecting each individual's rhythm and individuality. No special knowledge is required to take part in the sessions.

Through artistic creation, art therapy enables self-expression and the shaping of difficulties and suffering. The art therapist gently accompanies the patient until they can gradually gain distance, identify resources, create links, and see things from a new perspective.

Art therapy ultimately leads to a transformation of the initial situation and an improvement in self-confidence.

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Equine Therapist

Sybille Graber graduated in nursing and worked in different areas of care before specialising in Equine Therapy. She believes the work with horses can be a real tool to help people in difficulty.
The encounter with the horses as part of the therapeutic mediation is an excellent opportunity to identify resources, challenges and to help the patient work on his/her relationship with the world.

Horses are very sensitive animals, they have the ability to resonate with real emotions and to reflect the authentic self of each individual. Equine therapy provides unique metaphors and experiences that can be afterwards transposed to other life situations. The psycho-corporal experience in each therapeutic session promotes the anchoring and transposition of learning to other situations. Equine therapy is a source of sensory stimulation as well as a space of relaxation that can support patients during the withdrawal and the intensive psychological work.

Horse therapy does not require specific technical skills, just a desire to discover and an open mind.

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Medical Spa

Emilie Vuattoux joined Clinic Les Alpes at its opening in 2018 as Spa Manager.

A wellness professional for over 15 years, Emilie specializes in massage therapy, specifically she trained at “Old medicine Hospital” in Chang Mai, Thailand, in 2006 and again in 2009. Her past and current experience in the most prestigious and acclaimed wellness centers led her to ultimately manage the Spa sector in privately owned rehab clinic.

This professional experience has helped Emilie in developing her holistic approach facing all types of therapeutic practices. It is with a reassuring energy and ever-renewed enthusiasm that she and her team welcome their patients in order to offer them specialized treatments.

Customised treatments adapted to reflect and embody the positive energy and needs of each patient enabling them to reconnect with their own senses and well-being.

Pascal Veraguth Acupuncture Specialist

Pascal Veraguth is passionate about integrated Holistic Therapies. Having studied extensively in different countries throughout Asia, including China, Vietnam, Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal, he specialises in Traditional Chinese Medicine. And, in his view, the methods he uses are a powerful way of using one’s own energy to restore oneself.

Pascal uses a skillful combination of occidental and oriental practices that are very powerful techniques to help you release your mental emotion, physical stress and tension, as well as to find your inner balance mentally, physically and spiritually. His passion lies in creating a balanced therapeutic menu for each of our patients, helping them integrating new techniques into their lifestyle, creating a new and healthier and happier way of life.

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Sports Educator

Flavio Dias holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science and a specialization in Prevention and Physical Rehabilitation. Flavio is a sports teacher who considers joy and pleasure to be an integral part of a great session!

With a range of activities from functional training to contemporary Pilates techniques, variety is in the order of the day in his classes: balance, proprioception, stretching, coordination, circuits and specific physical preparation, swimming and aqua-fit. All with a holistic vision of physical activity, fun and perfectly adapted to each participant.

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Malina Cucinotta graduated from Hotel Institute Montreux, where she achieved a Swiss Higher Diploma in International Hotel Management and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Before joining the team at Clinic Les Alpes, she worked for 7 years in several renowned 5-star hotels across Switzerland where she developed the passion for the upscale hospitality industry.

Throughout her various experiences, she never ceased to develop her social social skills and perfect her interactions with customers. As an Admissions Coordinator Malina makes sure our patients are well taken care of and does her best to put a smile on their faces.

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Sónia Moura arrived in Switzerland in 2009. Since her arrival, she has aimed to enhance her skills in both the hospital and hospitality fields. She began her journey in the housekeeping department before embarking on studies in business and human resources. Ultimately, she found her excellence in a completely different area, our admissions department.

Throughout her journey, Sónia has notably developed specific skills with a human, diplomatic, and empathetic approach. Being a very caring and compassionate individual, Sónia is constantly seeking the best way to assist our guests. She has joined the admissions team, where she warmly welcomes our patients, ensuring that from the very first contact, our patients feel completely at ease.

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Director of Hospitality

Alexandre Tavassoli joined Clinic Les Alpes as Hospitality and Customer Care Director.

He is a graduate of the worldwide renowned Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne and went on to complete his path with a master in Health Management.

His aim was to bring into the medical field all the high-end hospitality one could find in a high-class hotel by matching the security and well-being of the patient.

His career has led him to work in several luxury hotels and also to manage a private clinic in the field of treatment of substances and behavioural addictions among others until he joined Clinic Les Alpes.

He tries to apply every day his caring nature towards the entire staff and most importantly towards the patients.

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Catriona Murtagh Dias better known as Cathy, graduated from Galway Hotel School and has worked in the luxury hotel business for over 15 years. Smiley, trustful and multilingual, she has been with Clinic Les Alpes since its very start.

Cathy finds the comforts of life are essential to our well-being. Thus, together with her outstanding Team, they strive to make our guests stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

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Chef Yves Guillas began his apprenticeship in Brittany in a 1 Michelin star Relais & Châteaux, where he graduated top of the department and of his region and was also selected for the best apprentice of France.

After spending two seasons in Megève in Mont d’Arbois Relais & Chateaux, he moved to Burgundy alongside the famous Bernard Loiseau in a 3 Michelin star Relais & Châteaux where he would stay for another 2 years.

He pursued his experience in Normandy in another 1 Michelin Star Relais & Châteaux, where he continued his studies for a professional certificate. From there, he went on for another year on the marvellous Reunion Island, in the middle of the Indian ocean.

To complete his experience of the best restaurants in France, he spends a year in the south west of France with Michel Guérard in a 3 Michelin star Relais & Châteaux.

Arriving in Switzerland 19 years ago, he joined straight away one of the most beautiful luxury hotels in the country, the Beau Rivage Palace in Lausanne. After working for two years as a sous chef in the gastronomic restaurant, he is then promoted as Head Chef of L’Accademia restaurant in Hotel d’Angleterre, where he will stay for 15 years. In 2018, Chef Guillas joins the team of Clinic Les Alpes.

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Filipa Vicente has more than ten years of international experience in the luxury hospitality, which has given her a clear understanding of what excellency in service entails.

With her energetic and optimistic personality, Filipa never ceases to develop the skills needed to deliver, with the help of her entrusted team, the most caring and refined service to our patients and families during their stay at Clinic Les Alpes.

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