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Patrick Wilson Clinic Les Alpes is situated in a spectacular setting of outstanding natural beauty in the mountains close to the town of Montreux in Switzerland. The Clinic has a 360 degrees view of alpine meadows, forests, snow-capped mountains and lake Geneva. It is a beautiful, serene and peaceful place.

Clinic Les Alpes, as you see it today, is the result of a ten-year journey of restoration and creation. The original building has been completely restored to its original grandeur. Below the main building a further three stories have been excavated from solid rock. This area has floor to ceiling windows creating a space flooded with natural light, and houses on one floor the medical facilities, therapy and counselling rooms, while on the floor below is a full spa with pool, saunas, hamams, gym, pilates and yoga rooms and treatment suites.

Clinic Les Alpes is a fully licensed, in-patient Swiss medical facility, with doctors, counsellors, nurses and medical personnel on duty and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care.

Taking the decision to seek help for emotional/mental health and issues of dependency takes courage. Often the person seeking help or their loved ones have very little understanding about what to do and where to seek assistance in a situation which is often frightening and unknown. At Clinic Les Alpes we wish to assist in making the situation clearer, to help people realise that there is a solution, a way to free oneself from the self-constructed prison of dependency and the diminished joy of life from mental and emotional issues.

I believe that substance/behavioural dependency often comes from an individual attempting to heal or soften the effect of emotional or mental pain. Unfortunately because this attempt chooses the wrong means, it turns into its destructive opposite. It is often the question of which came first, taking substances to relieve emotional pain, or emotional pain caused as a direct consequence of taking substances. The end result is exactly the same. Within this question often lies the hidden answer to a more joyous and free life.

There is tremendous power in gentleness, so at Clinic Les Alpes, compassion, understanding, respect and nurturing of the individual goes side by side with your personalised treatment plan created exclusively with the Clinic’s medical and therapeutic teams. We have also created programmes for the family and loved ones of the guests to assist them in understanding the issues of substance and/or behavioural dependency.

Chaos, negative feelings and a sense of powerlessness of a life half lived are the hallmarks of substance dependency and are not just the reserve of the sufferer but often ripple hopelessly through family and friends.

Addiction is universal. Its effects are to be found in every country, every race, every gender; it does not discriminate. It is a creator of chaos and powerlessness.

It has been my observation and experience throughout my professional and personal life that addiction can often go hand in hand with highly gifted and talented people. The world of art, literature, film, music, fashion and indeed business, is full of examples of highly creative sensitive people who produce magnificent work only to implode the more they achieve. Unfortunately we will have all read the tragic headlines of the loss of brilliance.

I have spent a great deal of my life dealing with the issues of dependency and mental wellbeing and Clinic Les Alpes is a product of this journey. We strive for excellence in everything we undertake, from the personalised treatment programme, the one-on-one counselling, nutrition and wellbeing programmes to a detailed aftercare plan for when you leave the Clinic. We wish to help you not only become well but to stay well and to flourish. We endeavour to make our guests feel safe in our environment and to know that discretion, privacy and confidentiality of the individual is paramount.

The journey of recovery has a different path for every sufferer, but the feelings of liberty and peace of freeing oneself from substance dependency or unhealthy patterns of behaviour, is in my view, one of the greatest personal achievements an individual can attain.

Patrick Wilson
Patrick Wilson

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