A Luxury Inpatient Rehab for Residents of India

A Luxury Rehab Nestled in the Swiss Alps, Offering High-End Mental Health & Addiction Treatment for Residents of India

For Indians seeking a path to recovery in an idyllic setting, Clinic Les Alpes offers an unparalleled retreat near Montreux, Switzerland. Situated in the majestic Swiss Alps and overlooking Lake Geneva, the clinic stands as a discreet, fully medically licensed, premium inpatient luxury rehab facility for residents of India. Our multilingual team delivers compassionate, professional care to patients embarking on a journey to overcome addiction and other mental and emotional health challenges.

Our secluded location amidst one of the planet's most breathtaking landscapes provides an oasis of fresh mountain air, peace, and tranquillity for our resident patients. Additionally, our 24/7 staff of doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, and therapists ensure the highest level of personalised treatment plans and compassionate care.

The clinic's customised programs are designed to cater to each resident patient’s needs, addressing issues from emotional burnout and exhaustion to addiction to various substances or behaviours. The atmosphere is expansive yet intimate, private yet welcoming, intended to facilitate a transformative experience you’ll always remember.


A Journey to Recovery and Wellbeing

Closest airports

Patients travelling from India can fly into several nearby airports, enjoying the luxury of being collected by the clinic’s private limousine service for a scenic drive to the clinic. Major nearby airports include:

  • Geneva International Airport, about a one-hour drive from the clinic
  • Zürich Airport, approximately two hours’ drive from the clinic

For more personalised travel, Gstaad and Sion Airports in Switzerland are less than one hour from the clinic and welcome private and chartered international flights.

Recognising the importance of a stress-free journey, Clinic Les Alpes is proud to offer a unique travel companion service for our clients from India. This bespoke service ensures that individuals are picked up from their homes and safely escorted all the way to our clinic in Switzerland, providing peace of mind from departure to arrival. With our travel companion service, clients can rest assured knowing that every aspect of their journey to recovery is taken care of, allowing them to focus entirely on their healing process.

Approximate travel times

Traveling from India to any of the nearby airports, such as Geneva or Zurich, the journey can take from 8 to 12 hours, depending on direct or connecting flights. Our chauffeured limousine service awaits your arrival at your chosen airport to ensure a private, direct, and stress-free transfer to the clinic.

Possible Airlines

Airlines frequently fly between major Indian airports and those near the clinic, including Air India, Swiss International Air Lines, Lufthansa, Emirates, and British Airways, with options for direct or short layovers. Direct flights are available, offering convenience for those who prefer to minimise travel time.

Other Transportation Options

Beyond our private limousine service for patients travelling from India, Switzerland offers high-speed train services, helicopter transfers, and regional flights for convenient in-country travel.

Switzerland: A Sanctuary of Natural Beauty, Privacy, and Medical Excellence

Immersed in the stunning vistas of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps, Clinic Les Alpes serves as a serene escape from the fast pace of life in India, providing a space where concerns can be momentarily forgotten in a nation highly regarded for its privacy and medical discretion.

Our Majestic Treatment Facility

The alpine chateau of Clinic Les Alpes sits majestically, offering direct access to the invigorating mountain air. The design reflects the cultural heritage and natural splendour of the Swiss Alps, with panoramic windows and spacious decks that allow for privacy and outdoor relaxation. Each room is meticulously decorated with luxurious details, aiming to provide the most peaceful and rejuvenating environment for your renewal.

Facility amenities include a full medical spa, sophisticated dining areas, private suites, and a stunning indoor pool with breathtaking views.

Conditions We Treat

Clinic Les Alpes, fully endorsed by the Swiss Department of Health, stands as a sanctuary for comprehensive healing. Our team, composed of empathetic, skilled professionals, offers holistic care for an array of behavioural and substance addictions alongside a spectrum of mental and emotional health concerns.

Burnout and Exhaustion

In catering to residents from India, we frequently encounter individuals drained by the relentless pace and pressures of contemporary life. Under the stewardship of our adept medical and therapeutic staff, patients are guided towards cultivating a life marked by balance and fulfilment, away from the grips of burnout and exhaustion.

Mental and Emotional Health

The cornerstone of one's quality of life, mental and emotional well-being is paramount. At Clinic Les Alpes, personalised treatment plans are crafted with precision, reflecting each patient's distinct story to foster a foundation of support, care, and sustained health.

Substance Dependency

Distinguished by our capacity to administer on-site detoxification when necessary, we offer daily individual medical and holistic therapeutic treatments, among other comprehensive services. These efforts collectively aim to empower patients to overcome dependencies on alcohol, opiates, prescription medications, stimulants, and beyond.

Behavioural Addiction

The challenges of behavioural addiction—whether related to gambling, pornography, sex, food, shopping, or social media—carry disruptive potential akin to substance dependency. Our environment is one of non-judgment and expertise, where we confront these issues head-on, facilitating a path toward recovery.

Anxiety and Depression

These prevalent conditions, regardless of co-occurring disorders such as substance abuse, receive meticulous attention from our licensed professionals. Leveraging established and effective therapeutic approaches, we aim to mitigate the impacts of anxiety and depression, fostering improved well-being.

Dual Diagnosis

With a comprehensive understanding of the intricate interplay between substance use, eating disorders, and mental health issues, our licensed team devises customised treatments. This tailored approach ensures that the multifaceted needs of our patients are met, guiding them towards a holistic recovery.

Our Approach and Treatment Programs

Designed for Indian residents, our holistic treatment program starts with your initial call and includes a commitment to a minimum three-week stay. Treatment includes continuous care and a range of evidence-based treatments and holistic therapies which extend beyond your stay through follow-up communications to integrate your new mindset and achievements into your daily life.

Medical and Health Care

Clinic Les Alpes is accredited and fully licensed by the Swiss Department of Health. Recognising the interconnectedness of body and mind, we provide thorough medical assessments and personalised care plans, adjusting diets and medications as needed to support each patient’s overall well-being throughout their recovery journey.

Recovery Therapies

Our therapeutic programs are specifically tailored for those recovering from addiction, offering individual counselling, adventure therapy, family recovery, and more, always considering the patient’s feedback and personal goals.

Health Education and Practice

Developing mindful, healthful habits is crucial, and our inpatient programs are designed to help patients form lasting practices that enhance their well-being beyond their stay with us.

Meet Our Treatment Team

Namaste and a heartfelt welcome. Our mission is clear: to be available for you at all times. We are a cohesive team of compassionate doctors, nurses, and therapists committed to holistic care. Collaborating closely with our residents from India, we strive to guide you towards a sustainable path to recovery and wellbeing. It is our honor to serve you.

a man in a suit and tie
Medical Director

Dr. Randolph Willis

a man in a suit

Dr. Victor Leroy

a man in a white coat
General Practitioner

Dr Sylvain Atrash

“Clinic Les Alpes is a genuine centre of excellence. My time at the clinic has been life changing and the care offered by Clinic Les Alpes is world-class because it’s delivered with expertise and love.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Clinic Les Alpes distinguishes itself by deeply understanding the unique needs and challenges of our patients from India. Tailoring our treatments to each individual, we prioritise discretion, empathy, and personalised care. Situated amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of the Swiss Alps, our clinic offers a serene environment conducive to profound personal transformation and reconnection with the essence of the natural world.

The admission process at Clinic Les Alpes is designed to be both responsive and accommodating, ensuring prospective patients feel fully supported from the outset. Initially, a conversation with our Admissions Department provides an overview of our program and addresses any immediate queries. Following this, a video consultation with our Medical Director allows for a deeper exploration of personal needs and treatment expectations. Based on these discussions, we collaboratively determine the most appropriate timing and plan for admission, always with the aim of making the process as smooth and swift as possible.

The duration of treatment at Clinic Les Alpes is highly individualised and tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each patient. This is determined following a thorough initial assessment conducted during a video call with our Medical Director. Treatment length varies and is designed to offer the most effective path to recovery and well-being for each individual.

Acknowledging the pivotal role families play in the recovery process and recognising that addiction often impacts loved ones, Clinic Les Alpes offers comprehensive support for families. This includes family therapy sessions and a specialised 3-day program designed to educate, support, and integrate family members into the recovery journey, facilitating healing and understanding for everyone involved.

Embracing a global perspective, Clinic Les Alpes welcomes a diverse clientele of adults from India and beyond, including men and women aged 18 years and older from various cultural backgrounds. Our inclusive approach ensures that we cater to a wide range of individuals seeking to overcome addiction and mental health issues, providing a sanctuary for healing and growth for people from all walks of life.

  • a bedroom with a bed and a chair
  • a fireplace with two chairs and a coffee table
  • a room with tables and chairs
  • a bedroom with a bed and a couch
  • a bedroom with a bed and a couch
  • a bedroom with a bed and chairs
  • a bedroom with a bed and chairs
  • a bedroom with a bed and a chair
  • a room with a couch and a bookcase

Our Rates & What’s Inculded

Our Rates

CHF 45,000 per week for the 28 day program
Minimum recommended stay: 4 weeks
Private penthouse apartment and suites – price available upon request

What’s Included

A tailormade Program will be developed for each of our patients from India, which may include:

Our integrative practices begin with somatic care to assess and strategise how a patient’s somatic body and physical conditioning may affect their substance use disorder as well as their mental and emotional well-being.

Somatic Care Includes:

  • A full body check-up: learning a patient’s history psychiatric and somatic histories and performing psychiatric and blood tests and somatic clinical examinations
  • Ongoing somatic and psychological checkups by our medical and nursing staff
  • Around-the-clock medical care, with nurses available 24/7
  • On-site, medically supervised detoxification from addictive substances and behaviours
  • Biological tests and a patient’s lab work are evaluated by our registered dietician to determine the best diet for each patient’s biology and needs.

The path from addiction or mental health conditions such as depression, burnout, and anxiety requires tailored treatment options and ongoing tools. Our medical team performs comprehensive psychiatric assessments of each patient that include:

  • Taking a patient’s full psychiatric and addictive history and family history of the same
  • Biological and genetic testing (if requested) to assist with diagnosis and medication management

Our wide array of psychological and therapeutic Programs include two therapy sessions per day per individual, potentially consisting of:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Group therapy

Other therapies offered include family therapy, 12-step Programs such as AA and NA and a detailed aftercare plan.

As part of our holistic approach to every patient’s well-being and recovery journey, we offer an extensive list of complementary therapies to help heal a patient’s mind, body, and spirit.

This includes:

  • Treatments to soothe the nervous system and physiological blockages or tension, such as acupuncture, massage therapy, lymphatic drainage, physiotherapy, and reflexology
  • Mindfulness and energetic work, including Reiki, meditation, medical hypnosis, Thai Chi, and yoga
  • Artistic and adventure therapies, including land/art therapy and equine-assisted psychotherapy

The following hospitality services are included as well:

  • Two transfers, per the entire stay, from and to anywhere in Switzerland
  • Private luxury bedroom with spectacular views to the Alps and/or Lake Geneva.
  • Full board
  • SPA access (gym, swimming pool, sauna, hammam)
  • WiFi access
  • Personal safe

Premier Inpatient Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

Clinic Les Alpes is renowned for its unparalleled approach to inpatient treatment of addiction and mental health issues, offering an exemplary residential treatment experience for individuals from India and across the globe. Positioned as a sanctuary, our centre provides an ideal setting for guests to embark on their journey toward long-lasting recovery and mental well-being.

Exclusive Privacy with World-Class Amenities

Our facilities have been thoughtfully designed to cater to those seeking a sophisticated level of care, integrating evidence-based treatment practices with luxury amenities to ensure a unique and healing experience. As a distinguished luxury rehab and mental health treatment centre, Clinic Les Alpes dives deep into the complexities of addiction and mental health disorders. We develop personalised rehab programs that address the foundational causes of substance dependency, encouraging personal growth and wellness.

Comprehensive Care for Complex Needs

Our approach is holistic and centred around the patient, aiming not just to stop substance use but also to significantly improve overall physical and mental health. From addressing issues of alcohol misuse to tackling drug addiction, our programs are specifically designed to deliver the most effective interventions, including detoxification, individual and group therapy, and comprehensive aftercare planning.

Beyond Treatment: A Commitment to Your Journey

While Clinic Les Alpes focuses exclusively on inpatient care, without offering outpatient services like IOP (Intensive Outpatient Programs), PHP (Partial Hospitalization Programs), or sober living houses, we are deeply committed to facilitating a smooth transition after discharge. We collaborate with reputable professionals and organisations within India to provide referrals, guaranteeing that upon completing our residential treatment, individuals have access to continued care and support, assisting them on their path to recovery.

Choosing Clinic Les Alpes means selecting a tranquil haven that not only promotes healing but also offers a full spectrum of services to support each client through every step of their recovery journey. With our dedicated commitment to providing an exceptional level of care, we are devoted to guiding our clients toward a future filled with hope, health, and happiness.

Contact Us 24/7. 100% Confidential.

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