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Our Approach

The Whole Person

  • Our overall approach recognises and works with the continuous interplay between Mind, Body and Spirit in human experience.
  • You are not solely defined by the condition and circumstances that brought you to treatment, even if those have come to dominate your life.
  • If we (that is the staff and you in collaboration) only focus on one aspect of your person, life or condition, your recovery may well fall short.
  • In shaping your recovery, the influences of your current life and personal history need to be identified, understood and addressed.

While Clinic Les Alpes will draw upon the principles of the Minnesota Model, which in turn developed as a professionally delivered treatment based on applying the principles and practices of Alcoholics Anonymous, it will provide a treatment programme that is sufficiently adaptable to enable an offering of individualised treatment and care. The option to participate in group activities and therapies will always be available and, indeed, encouraged.