Our Approach

  • Our overall approach recognises and works with the continuous interplay between Mind, Body and Spirit in human experience.
  • You are not solely defined by the condition and circumstances that brought you to treatment, even if those have come to dominate your life.
  • If we (that is the staff and you in collaboration) only focus on one aspect of your person, life or condition, your recovery may well fall short.
  • In shaping your recovery, the influences of your current life and personal history need to be identified, understood and addressed.

We do not put you through a pre-set programme. We approach you as the unique individual you are.

While our approach will never be formulaic or standardised, we will draw on tried and tested therapies when we think they will work for you; always working collaboratively with you and being prepared to adjust the approach as we go along.

We start by getting to know you well and building trust so that we can work effectively together. This is the essence of a creative therapeutic relationship.

We will listen carefully to what you want to achieve.

Working closely with you individually, the lead therapist will, with the help of the medical and therapeutic team, construct the clearest possible picture of how dependency and/or mental and emotional health issues are affecting you and those close to you. We draw on our experience and expertise to help you map out and establish a recovery that is entirely your own but one that we agree has the best chance of lasting beyond treatment.

We will help you put in place the support needed to sustain recovery beyond Clinic Les Alpes.

Based on thorough assessment, the inpatient mental health treatment response will be specific to the particular condition, such as eating disorders, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety, phobias, depression, schizophrenia, psychosis, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, or any of those listed in the formal diagnostic manuals, including a variety of personality disorders.

There may also be people presenting with burnout and exhaustion brought on by the excessive demands of their lifestyle or work.

In many cases, people will arrive at the inpatient treatment center already taking some form of prescribed medication. The prescription is reviewed, adjusted as necessary, and then its effect carefully monitored throughout treatment. Every proposed step is discussed with the patient and carefully explained.

These aspects of personalized treatment ensure that the approach is tailored to each individual's specific needs, providing the best chance of successful recovery and sustained well-being beyond the inpatient program.

Recovery is yours, and it is waiting to happen. We cannot give it to you or make it happen to you or for you. It is something that, with the right circumstances and approach, happens within you and comes to be owned and managed by you. So we focus on what we can do; that is, to create the right conditions to enable you to connect with and embrace recovery.

We see our role as to provide you with a safe, contained, as well as a professionally conscientious and caring space in which, with a personalized approach, we work together:

  • Understand you as an individual in the context of your current life.
  • Understand what has brought you to seek help now.
  • Understand and assess your personal goals.
  • Recognize the potential obstacles to you making meaningful change and achieving your goals.
  • Help you discover how to move with purpose beyond those obstacles, optimizing your resources for recovery.
  • Support you to do so by drawing on all our knowledge, experience, and resources, as well as remaining open to the possibility of new approaches.
  • Assist you in establishing and practicing personal recovery behaviors, mindsets, and attitudes in the short term that will serve to develop your well-being over the long term.

Apart from appropriately prescribed medications, Clinic Les Alpes is an alcohol and drug-free environment.

Our private rehab clinic will offer an abstinence-based approach to achieving a sustainable recovery, although it will not be rigidly dogmatic. The judicious use of medications will be determined purely by clinical necessity. You will not be withdrawn from medications for which there is a current or ongoing clinical need. The clinical protocols for managing withdrawal will be of an international standard and ones that have been tried and tested over decades.

Abstaining from addictive substances or behaviors is the starting point of treatment. It is most certainly not, however, an end in itself. Simply not doing something is not very appealing. It is about not doing something in order to allow and enable something positive to happen: recovery and all the good that comes with it.

There is a very practical point to abstinence. Without the distorting interference of the substance or behavior, the person is more clearly revealed, including to themselves. It is possible to assess whether a variety of mental and physical symptoms evident on admission were purely associated with active addiction or might exist any way. Some symptoms disappear while others come into clearer relief. In a sense, there is a truer picture of the individual following withdrawal.

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