Luxury Rehab Centre with Medical Licence Offering Individualised, Tailormade and Comprehensive Treatment for Addiction and Mental Health in the Swiss Alps for UK Residents

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Nestled near Montreux, Switzerland, Clinic Les Alpes is a medically licenced facility serving United Kingdom (UK) residents facing issues of dependency to alcohol and drugs, as well as other mental health issues. We offer professional help and treatment by fostering an environment of recovery and rejuvenation. Our residential medical facility boasts a team of dedicated doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and nursing staff available around the clock, every day of the week, ensuring that each patient receives the highest standard of care in a luxurious and serene setting.

The breathtaking landscape of Lake Geneva, the snow-dusted Alpine peaks, and expansive forests provide an idyllic backdrop that encourages peaceful reflection and healing.

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Travelling from the UK to Clinic Les Alpes in Switzerland

Airports Serving the Montreux Area

Despite its secluded location, Clinic Les Alpes is easily accessible from major Swiss cities and their airports, offering a convenient gateway for those travelling from various parts of the UK. The clinic is situated approximately an hour's drive from Geneva International Airport and about a two-hour drive from Zurich International Airport.

For those seeking a more private arrival, charter flights to the smaller airports of Gstaad or Sion, each less than an hour’s drive from the clinic, are an excellent option.

Major airlines such as British Airways and Swiss International Air Lines provide direct flights from several UK cities including London, Manchester, and Edinburgh to Zurich and Geneva. Upon arriving in Geneva, the journey to the clinic is roughly an hour by car, while from Zurich, it takes about two hours.

Enhancing Your Journey

Travelling to Clinic Les Alpes from the UK is designed for maximum comfort and efficiency. Direct flights to Geneva or Zurich are available from major UK airports, including London Heathrow, Manchester Airport, and Edinburgh Airport, with typical flight times around one to two hours. Once you land, a scenic drive from Geneva to the clinic takes about an hour, allowing you to unwind and admire the stunning Swiss landscape. From Zurich, the drive is approximately two hours, providing a serene transition from the lively airport atmosphere to the tranquil settings of the Alps.

A chauffeur-driven limousine service is provided for transport to and from Clinic Les Alpes.

To further enhance your travel experience, Clinic Les Alpes offers the unique service of arranging travel companions. These companions can meet you at your UK residence and accompany you throughout your journey, ensuring a comfortable and supported trip directly to our doorstep. This bespoke service is designed to make your travel as effortless and reassuring as possible, providing a smooth start to your recovery process.

Our Exquisite Facilities

At Clinic Les Alpes, the natural beauty of the Alps merges seamlessly with top-notch treatment amenities and an upscale medical spa, creating a perfect setting for patients to recover both mentally and physically while enjoying panoramic mountain views.

Conditions We Address at Our Premier Rehab Facility for UK Residents

Specialising in a holistic approach to wellness, Clinic Les Alpes crafts personalised treatment plans for a diverse array of conditions, helping individuals from the UK discover their optimal pathway to recovery in a tranquil setting.

Burnout and Exhaustion

The Clinic Les Alpes provides targeted support for individuals struggling with burnout and exhaustion, conditions often precipitated by chronic workplace stress or personal pressures. Treatment focuses on teaching strategies for stress management, prioritisation of tasks, and the importance of self-care. Through daily therapy, good nutrition, wellness activities, and relaxation techniques, patients learn how to set healthy boundaries and recover their energy levels.

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Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing is crucial for overall health. At Clinic Les Alpes, patients engage with counsellors daily to explore personal issues and develop coping strategies for managing emotional stress. Therapies might include cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness practices, and resilience training, all aimed at helping individuals build a more robust emotional foundation and improve their quality of life.
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Anxiety & Depression

Patients suffering from anxiety and depression receive comprehensive treatment that includes traditional psychotherapy and innovative therapeutic modalities like art therapy, equine-assisted therapy, and music and mouvement therapy. These treatments help patients express themselves creatively, reduce anxiety, elevate mood, and provide a sense of calm. The goal is to offer various tools to help manage symptoms and foster a deeper understanding of their emotional states.

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Behavioural Addiction

Clinic Les Alpes addresses behavioural addictions such as gambling, shopping, internet use, pornography and sex, which can be as debilitating as substance abuse. Customised treatment plans typically include a combination of individual therapy, psychoeducation sessions and activities designed to teach impulse control, identify triggers, and develop healthier behavioural patterns. The approach is holistic, often integrating elements of mindfulness, relapse prevention techniques, and support groups.

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Substance Use Disorder

The treatment for substance use disorders at Clinic Les Alpes involves a multifaceted approach that may include detoxification, individual counselling, psychoeducation, nutrition and fitness. The focus is on breaking the cycle of addiction and addressing underlying issues that contribute to substance abuse, such as trauma or co-occurring mental health disorders. The clinic provides a supportive environment where patients can focus on recovery and learn sustainable ways to maintain sobriety.

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Co-Occurring Disorders

For patients dealing with dual diagnoses, such as a combination of addiction and other mental health disorders (e.g., depression, bipolar disorder, or anxiety), Clinic Les Alpes offers integrated treatment programs. These programs are designed to address both issues simultaneously through a coordinated approach that includes psychiatric care, medication management, psychotherapy, and lifestyle counselling. This integrated strategy helps improve treatment outcomes by addressing the complexities of co-occurring disorders in a comprehensive manner.

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Our Approach & Treatment Programmes for UK Residents

At Clinic Les Alpes our overall approach recognises and works with the continuous interplay between Mind, Body and Spirit in human experience.

Medical and Healthcare

At Clinic Les Alpes, the focus on patient health begins with comprehensive medical evaluations conducted by a team of healthcare professionals. This preliminary assessment includes a detailed review of the patient’s medical history, physical examination, and necessary diagnostic tests to identify any underlying health issues. The evaluation helps to ensure that each treatment plan is safely tailored to the individual’s specific medical needs. Throughout the patient's stay, continuous monitoring and access to medical care ensure that any health changes are promptly addressed, maintaining the safety and well-being of each patient.
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Recovery Therapies

Clinic Les Alpes offers a diverse array of recovery therapies designed to support the holistic healing of body, mind, and spirit. We offer an array of evidence-based therapies, including CBT, DBT, and ACT, as well as Gestalt and Narrative Therapy. Among these therapies, nature excursions allow patients to reconnect with the environment, promoting mental clarity and stress reduction through activities like guided walks, hiking, or even gardening in the serene surroundings of the Swiss Alps. Horse-assisted therapy is another key component, leveraging the therapeutic power of animals to help patients improve emotional awareness, develop trust, enhance social skills, and decrease feelings of isolation or depression. These therapies complement more traditional treatments and are integral to the clinic’s approach to recovery.

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Health Education & Practice

Education is a crucial part of the recovery process at Clinic Les Alpes. Patients receive personalised educational materials that cater to their individual recovery needs, whether they are dealing with substance abuse, mental health issues, or both. These materials often include workbooks, informational brochures, and interactive content that teach coping strategies, health maintenance, and relapse prevention. The educational sessions are designed to empower patients by providing them with the knowledge and tools needed to manage their conditions and maintain their well-being after leaving the rehab center. This educational approach ensures that patients are not only recovering but also learning how to sustain their health improvements in the long term.

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Meet Our Treatment Team

Our team comprises medical experts and psychologists selected for their compassion and dedication to offering customised health advice.

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Medical Director

Dr. Randolph Willis

a man in a suit

Dr. Victor Leroy

a man in a white coat
General Practitioner

Dr Sylvain Atrash

“Clinic Les Alpes is a genuine centre of excellence. My time at the clinic has been life changing and the care offered by Clinic Les Alpes is world-class because it’s delivered with expertise and love.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About our Luxury Rehab

Yes, we warmly welcome all individuals from across the UK.

Clinic Les Alpes is recognized as one of the best luxury rehab facilities globally, distinguished by our commitment to providing a serene environment that is ideal for healing both the body and mind. Here, privacy is paramount, ensuring that every aspect of your stay is confidential and tailored to your personal comfort and recovery needs.

Our facility excels in offering personalized treatment plans that are meticulously designed to meet the unique challenges and goals of each individual. Our experienced staff, including top-tier medical professionals, therapists, and support personnel, are all dedicated to your care, ensuring that every facet of your treatment is handled with expertise and compassion.

Additionally, our clinic is equipped with around-the-clock medical support, allowing us to respond immediately to any needs that may arise during your stay. This level of care is integral to our philosophy of fostering a safe and supportive environment where our clients can achieve optimal recovery outcomes.

By choosing Clinic Les Alpes, you are not just selecting a rehab facility; you are choosing a partner in your recovery journey. Our commitment to excellence and our tailored approach make us the best luxury rehab option for those who seek not only to recover but to thrive.

Admission to our mental health clinic is a carefully managed stepwise process. It begins with an initial discussion to understand the prospective patient's conditions and needs, followed by a detailed consultation with our medical director. The process culminates in a mutual agreement on admission, ensuring that our treatment services are the best fit for the patient.

An average stay of 4 weeks is required to ensure that all aspects of the individual's condition are addressed, with options for longer and “booster” stays that provide continued support and reinforce the strategies learned during initial treatment. This structure supports sustained recovery and long-term success.

Recognizing the pivotal role families play in the recovery process, we offer bespoke programs designed specifically for family members. This includes family therapy sessions that are integral to our comprehensive care approach, aiming to educate and involve families in the recovery journey.

Our clinic caters to a diverse group of individuals, including those dealing with substance and behavioural addictions, individuals at high risk of addiction, and those requiring dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health conditions. Our services are inclusive, providing essential support for both the affected individuals and their families.

Our facility is recognized for its luxury drug, alcohol and mental health treatment programs, situated in a facility that merges top-tier medical care with comfort, making it a leading choice among treatment centres. Whether seeking inpatient care or specialised outpatient services, Clinic Les Alpes offers a level of luxury treatment that positions it at the forefront of addiction and mental health recovery.

  • a bedroom with a bed and a chair
  • a fireplace with two chairs and a coffee table
  • a room with tables and chairs
  • a bedroom with a bed and a couch
  • a bedroom with a bed and a couch
  • a bedroom with a bed and chairs
  • a bedroom with a bed and chairs
  • a bedroom with a bed and a chair
  • a room with a couch and a bookcase

Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Options

At Clinic Les Alpes, we address the complexities of addiction and mental health through a range of evidence-based therapies tailored for deep, lasting recovery. Our luxury rehab facilities offer a high-end experience, ensuring privacy and comfort with private rooms, gourmet meals, and an array of therapeutic activities designed to target the root causes of drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and broader mental health issues.
  • a bedroom with a bed and a chair
  • a fireplace with two chairs and a coffee table
  • a room with tables and chairs
  • a bedroom with a bed and a couch
  • a bedroom with a bed and a couch
  • a bedroom with a bed and chairs
  • a bedroom with a bed and chairs
  • a bedroom with a bed and a chair
  • a room with a couch and a bookcase

Holistic Therapies Alongside Luxury Amenities

Our holistic therapies are designed to heal the entire person, integrating elements such as nutritional counselling and acupuncture within our luxury rehab centre. This setting meticulously balances top-tier medical care with comfort and privacy, creating an ideal environment for healing from dependencies such as opioid addiction, alcohol treatment, and eating disorders.

Premier Treatment for Addiction and Mental Health

Our comprehensive inpatient programs address a spectrum of needs from substance abuse, including alcohol rehab and drug rehab, to dual diagnosis for co-occurring disorders. We emphasise a personalised approach to addiction recovery and wellness, ensuring that each client receives the specific care needed for long-term recovery.

Tailored Residential Treatment Programs

At our rehab clinic, each treatment plan is customised to the individual, focusing on intensive therapy sessions and holistic practices that support all aspects of healing. This approach is particularly beneficial for those undergoing detox, managing withdrawal symptoms, or tackling complex addiction treatment scenarios.

Addressing Mental Health with Dedication

Our dedicated team excels in treating a variety of mental health conditions that often accompany addiction, ensuring a thorough and integrated approach to recovery. Whether dealing with drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, our treatment centre is equipped to handle these challenges comprehensively.

Commitment to Excellence and Aftercare

Clinic Les Alpes is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of care, offering extensive aftercare options to support clients as they navigate life post-treatment. Our aftercare program includes follow-up sessions, support groups, and ongoing counselling to assist loved ones and patients in maintaining the gains achieved during their stay at our luxury rehab facility.

Our approach to treatment at Clinic Les Alpes ensures that each patient not only achieves recovery but also retains it, setting the foundation for a healthier, more fulfilled life beyond our clinic.

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