FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t think it is for us to tell you. We respect that with the information available you will come to your own decision. If you need more information before making your choice please ask.

We think you should only choose Clinic Les Alpes if, after careful consideration of the information available and your best instincts, you believe that it offers you what you feel you and/or your family need at this time in your lives.

It can be very quick indeed but it depends. You probably thought we’d say that but it does depend on several things:

  • How much essential information we receive with the referral.
  • Your current state of health.
  • Availability of beds. 

We do. We can help you detoxify as quickly as possible but always safely from most drugs of dependency.

We approach detoxification as a necessary but insufficient part of a process called withdrawal.  Withdrawal is both physical and psychological and these processes begin as soon as you make the choice to enter treatment.

As regards initiating a sustainable recovery, psychological withdrawal is in many ways more important.

We would like to discuss this with you if you find yourself drawn to such a plan. We may agree but we will always point out the limitations and risks involved. Addiction is not synonymous with intoxication.

It is important to remember that the body gets better quicker than the mind. So, because you feel physically better you may convince yourself there is no more to be done. The trouble is it may be the psychology of addiction that is very thing causing you to think like this.

You carry on taking it until you, the Medical Director and our other doctors have discussed and assessed it with you. With their help you will reach a considered decision about the appropriate way forward.

We have set a minimum of 28 days but recognise that in relation to what may be many years of addiction this is a very short time.

This is an option. A decision about taking that option will be made in consultation with members of the treatment team and be based on properly assessed need.

Yes, but it is essential to understand that for safety reasons where you can smoke is strictly limited.

As smoking is an addiction we see this as an excellent opportunity to incorporate smoking cessation into your recovery programme. Your Therapist will discuss this option with you.

We offer support to families supporting a family member in treatment and we offer a service to families in their own right as we recognise that you don’t have to be addicted to suffer from addiction.

We don’t recommend for you to come with your pet.

It is a short time and we would advise that whenever possible you devote your attention as much as possible to establishing and practicing recovery. But of course we realise that it may be necessary in the wider scheme of things. We will discuss this with you at the time it arises to ensure your best interests are served.

There is. Access will be by agreement in the context of therapy.

We ask that you use your mobile phone as little as possible while you are with us and the degree of your attachment to it may be something we will explore together. We do insist that mobile phones are not taken into therapy sessions to avoid any kind of distraction.

We offer help to people with substance and behavioural addictions, those suffering the high risk pre-conditions of addiction, those with some co-existing mental health problems, families affected by addiction. These will be people who think our service fits their needs.

Well before you leave we will have worked with you to set up a plan for sustaining recovery post-treatment.

There are directions on the web site. Just click on the tab marked location.

Yes indeed. It is part of the service. We will send someone to accompany you on the drive to the Clinic.

We always look at you as a whole person and to ensure that we help you in the right way we are always alert to the possibility of co-existing ailments.

Certainly. To avoid disruption of your therapy, it is best for visitors to arrive by appointment.

We would discuss this with you before admission, but we have options that cover most circumstances.

You will be able to make use of the landscaped grounds but, subject to the assessment of the medical staff, also to leave the premises accompanied by a member of staff. We would like you to enjoy what nature has to offer.

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