The Licence

When coming to Clinic Les Alpes, patients and their loved ones can rest assured that they are receiving the highest level of care in accordance with multiple medical regulatory boards. Not only is Clinic Les Alpes licensed as a medical inpatient clinic by the Swiss Department of Health, but all of our clinical staff hold their own individual registrations and licences to practise medically and therapeutically. This uniquely high standard for licensing and certification ensures that not only do our facilities meet specific standards and guidelines, but that our staff are practising ethically, effectively, and safely.

As part of our fully licensed facilities, we are able to offer full detox medically controlled with full medical and nursing teams in attendance 24/7. Along with psychiatric care and supervision, this enables Clinic Les Alpes to make the detoxification process as comfortable as possible in a safe and medically supervised environment. This also means that patients do not need to be transported between facilities to complete their detox and start their therapeutic work. Patients are therefore receiving a level of care that is consistent, reduces discomfort, and provides full security during this difficult time.

For patients and their families, it is crucial to have the utmost trust and confidence in their healthcare providers, and this is why we are committed to full transparency regarding our licensing. Independent regulatory oversight provides fundamental reassurance to those who both use and refer to our clinic that it is properly organised and resourced as well as meeting essential safety and operational standards. Clinic Les Alpes remains open to inspection, both for prospective clients and for compliance with regulatory bodies.