A truly holistic approach to recovery and healing must take into account the importance of nutrition. That is why we, at Clinic Les Alpes, pride ourselves on the uniquely close relationship our qualified restaurant and kitchen staff have with our nutrition team to provide you with your ideal diet.

All patients work with our in-house dietician to create a menu that is unique to their needs and tastes. Our chefs and dietician work in tandem to cater to patient preferences and provide meals that best serve our patients’ recovery journeys.

Our chefs select only the finest in organic fresh produce, working with local suppliers and farmers to source seasonal products grown as close to the Clinic as possible. While the meals are nutritious and healthy, they are equally as beautiful and delicious.

Our dining room , breakfast room, outdoor dining space, and private dinings rooms are attended to by our dedicated service staff who aim to provide you with a high dining experience during your recovery. With fireplaces and stunning views, every meal becomes a pleasurable experience in the hands of Clinic Les Alpes.

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