Serenity space

The Clinic Les Alpes Serenity Space is truly an exceptional facility. Accessed through a tunnel constructed through the mountain, this tranquil space has sweeping views of the Swiss Alps.

This room is used in many of our complementary therapies and has fully customisable sound and light controls, as well as a variety of options for patients to be comfortable and at ease. These treatments include hypnosis, dance and music therapy, meditation, yoga, and more.

Patients are also encouraged to make use of this room at their pleasure, either for their own meditations, prayers, light therapies, or even if they need a calming space to relax and unwind. Cleaned and reset every day, patients have access to comfortable arm chairs, wide loungers, cushions, and blankets to meet every comfort need. This space is fully accessible, and is located next to our counselling consultation rooms so you will never find yourself far from support should you desire company in your contemplation.

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