Drinking Alcohol…How to Know When to Stop?

Maybe you are one of these persons who can go out one evening with friends, enjoy a couple of drinks without feeling the need for more.

Or maybe, with time, your style of drinking has become more secret and more frequent, until a time comes where you realise you can’t function without alcohol in your system. You realise that the negative effects of your drinking habit surpass its benefits and the pleasure you once felt.

Shame and guilt suddenly surface in your mind as you try to keep your compulsions under control. Until you finely ask yourself the big question…

Am I an Addict?

A definition of addiction is the fact of using a product like alcohol, drugs or medications in a non-adapted way and loosing control over the consumption of that product.
With this comes a sense of sufferance for the person, as well as for family and friends.

A consequence of this sufferance could be that, as the effects of dependency start to surface, you can find yourself more and more isolated. You might loose your job, as concentration becomes more and more challenging. Your social life might become poorer as you withdraw into a place of secrecy in order to feed your addiction more frequently.

What once gave you a sense of freedom and liberty is now holding you captive as your body and mind focus on “how to get my next fix”. Your health starts to deteriorate as the effects of heavy drinking start to compromise your liver, kidneys along with your mental health. Memory losses, disorientation, dizziness and pain star to be more and more frequent.

Why Me? Is There a Gene of Alcoholism?

In other words: why can my neighbour enjoy “just a few drinks” and I can’t?

How is it that when l start to drink I can’t stop?

Experts think that although no special gene related to alcoholism has been put into evidence, certain people are more vulnerable to this substance then others. Their body reacts in a different way, so instead of quitting drinking when the alcohol abuse makes them sick, they continue to consume it, more so, they need the alcohol to be able to function. They can’t stop, it is not a question of will power, their body just responds differently.

Alcoholic anonymous calls it the “X-factor”, because no one knows exactly why it happens this way. It is just a disease that is shared by a certain group of people.

Special People… Special Help.

The first step towards recovery is admitting to yourself and to others that you need help. How many times have you tried quitting alcohol? But the withdrawal symptoms were too strong. Your will and mind were ready to quit but a few hours later your body started craving for “just that last drink.”

There is a place in Switzerland, nested in the mountains, where a professional team of doctors, nurses and counsellors will accompany you step by step on your journey towards recovery.

Here at “Clinic Les Alpes”, a luxurious rehab clinic, we make it our utmost priority to offer an individual and holistic treatment to all our patients. Thanks to our highly qualified and multidisciplinary team, we can offer you customised therapy programmes composed especially of one-to-one counselling, art therapy, support group and family therapy, among others.

As you enter the clinic for a 28 days rehabilitation program, you will start off by spending a few days under close medical observation so as to minimise as much as possible the alcohol withdrawal symptoms that can accompany alcohol dependence.

Day after day, as you start enjoying a sober way of living, you will find a team of counsellors ready to support you step by step on your journey to a life free from addiction. At the end of your stay, looking back at your old drinking habits and the atmosphere and emotions attached to them, you will find a new freedom and joy as you rediscover your true self.

So why not make this first step towards your recovery and contact us at Clinic Les Alpes.

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