4 Reasons to Choose a Luxury Rehab Centre in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country that has long understood the value of luxury treatment centres. But why choose a luxury therapy centre in Switzerland over other locations?

  • Located in the centre of Europe, Switzerland is one of the most accessible and secure destinations in the world;
  • Switzerland has earned a reputation for its dedication to innovation, its highly qualified workforce and for excellence in medical treatment and patient care;
  • Switzerland is renowned for a commitment to confidentiality and discretion;
  • The Swiss mountains and wider scenery are therapeutic in themselves.

Europe has a well-established tradition of treating all manner of addictions, whether to substances like alcohol, opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, tranquilizers or behavior-based addictions to gambling, sex, on-line activity and so on. Some of the models of treatment originating in the US have been adopted by European countries and developed to suit the European context. This has included the establishment of luxury rehab centres, which benefit like other European institutions, from the ease of cross-border co-operation.

The pivotal position of Europe and the common use of English and other widely spoken languages adds to the attraction of obtaining treatment in European countries, including and perhaps especially Switzerland.

Here are a few reasons to help to inform your decision if you are considering Switzerland as a place to access a luxury rehab to begin recovery from addiction.

Switzerland Is One of the Most Accessible and Secure Destinations in the World

Many rehab centres choose remote locations, placing their rehabilitation facilities far from the everyday distractions of normal life. However, patients, or even those visiting them, like families, may find the remoteness of these locations a deterring inconvenience when it comes to choosing a rehab centre.

Switzerland offers the perfect balance between accessibility and the secluded tranquility needed to begin recovery from addiction. Rehab centres can be discreetly located while still being within easy reach of populated areas and their amenities. Besides the ease of access to airports and main cities, Switzerland is renowned for its approach to security.

Switzerland Has a Worldwide Reputation for the Quality of Its Medical Facilities and Expertise

In the first phase of treatment, addiction requires a variety of medical interventions. It is advisable to look for a rehabilitation centre that includes specialist medical services. It should be equipped safely to manage detoxification from addictions involving alcohol, other drugs of dependence and to provide therapies for the mental health consequences of these and of behavioural addictions also. A clinic that integrates medical treatment into its recovery programme is the best and safest option.

Addiction is seldom the only presenting health problem. World class therapy centres in the heart of Europe are favoured for being situated close to some of the most highly regarded medical facilities in the world. Many rehabilitation and detoxification services cannot offer this valuable amenity, which makes a rehab centre in Switzerland a preferred choice. Aside from inpatient treatment of the highest quality, the service includes meticulously planned aftercare tailored to the individual.

According to studies of health care systems around the world, Switzerland ranked among the top three in 2018. With some of the most advanced technologies in use in medicine, Switzerland brings a cultural commitment to quality, including the benefits of research, development and innovation. There is the capacity to address a wide range of issues such as dependency to alcohol, opiates, stimulants and new psychoactive substances as well as co-existing mental and physical health conditions. The search for new treatments for problems like depression and eating disorders is unceasing.

Checking into a secluded rehab centre in the Swiss mountains gives you access to the best care in one place, as well as the reassurance of knowing that within easy reach are the top medical professionals of one of the highest ranked healthcare systems in the world.

Switzerland Is Famous for Its Confidentiality and Discretion

One of the main concerns of those who are going away for addiction treatment is the reliability of confidentiality and discretion. No matter where you hail from around the world you will be aware that the commitment to this essential aspect of service is ingrained in Switzerland and, given the importance of client confidence to reputation, a matter of unwavering focus for this rehab service.

Swiss clinical governance combined with the clinic’s own rigorous standards of practice ensures that records of all clients who are seen for medical reasons are confidential and only handled by a highly-trained and experienced team of professionals. No one can gain access to these records without written, legal consent provided directly by and only by, the patient.

So, there are three levels to establishing confidence: the privacy-oriented culture of discretion in Switzerland, the national and local regulatory system, to which is added the treatment centre’s own policies and procedures. This is what makes Switzerland an attractive treatment destination for people for whom privacy is an overriding consideration when it comes to choosing a rehab centre for addiction and related ailments.

The Swiss Mountains and Landscapes Are the Perfect Retreats

When you have been suffering chronically from addiction with all its depressing and dispiriting effects, what better place to begin your recovery than in an environment that is naturally uplifting, such as the Swiss mountains and surrounding countryside? You can enjoy abundant fresh air in scenery that lifts the spirits while enjoying exquisite variations in natural light throughout the day.

In such a beautiful landscape as the Swiss mountains you can discover again or even for the first time how the natural world can elevate mood in ways that artificial means such as substances can never do. Combined with the highest quality of hospitality and treatment services this environment will invigorate your first steps on the path of recovery. New horizons and fresh outlooks are metaphors for the journey of recovery but also a very real part of your stay in a rehab among the mountains of Switzerland.

Recovering from Addiction in Switzerland

When you come to realise you are in the throes of addiction it can be quite overwhelming. It is in then that you need someone to turn to who truly understands your situation, is in a position to respond effectively and has an approach that inspires trust.

Taking the decision to engage with an intensive addiction recovery programme is by no means easy. It therefore makes sense to experience the critical first step in a secluded and welcoming environment in the care of a team of expert professionals who are unswervingly conscientious in ensuring privacy and maintaining confidentiality.

Addictions and their associated mental and physical health harms have the potential to destroy families, careers, and indeed, entire lives.

Switzerland is steeped in a culture that has the promotion and restoration of health at its heart. Could there be a better place to start on a new path in life? The breath-taking beauty of the scenery complements the vital work of a rehabilitation centre operating within and with the support of a world-renowned healthcare system. When taking what may be the most important decision of your life because it is to save your life, it really is worth thinking about how much Switzerland has to offer.

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