The World’s Best Clinic – What it takes

Anyone who has the means to choose any facility anywhere in the world might wonder which deserves the title the World’s Best Clinic for treating the ailment from which they suffer.  There’s a particular reassurance and confidence that comes from feeling you are being treated by the world’s best, whatever your condition. If that happened to be an addiction you might want to narrow it down to the World’s Best Rehab Clinic. 

Informed comparisons

Of course claims are easy to make and not nearly so easy to justify. Generally lacking the specialist knowledge necessary to make fully informed comparisons, patients and their families are somewhat at a disadvantage when searching for treatment facilities. In the absence of a truly scientific measure to underwrite such a claim, people need guidance on what to look for when assessing which clinic might deserve the accolade The Best Clinic in The World.

The parts and the integrated whole working optimally

A number of elements combine to provide a service. To come anywhere near being the World’s Best Clinic all those elements not only need to be in place but also need to be working at an optimal level all day and everyday. There are of course priorities, those being the components most likely to contribute meaningfully to the outcome for which the patient is aiming.  It is entirely possible that a treatment facility could be a world leader purely in terms of its patients’ outcomes while not coming close to offering the highest quality environment, facilities or hospitality.  It then becomes a question of the patient’s preferences, which is an important factor in treatment engagement.


The Best Clinic or Best Rehab Clinic in the World would have to demonstrate it was exceptional in each and all of the following: 

  • Appropriate expertise in every department supported by continuing professional development 
  • Quality of staff.  This is not just about their qualifications 
  • Uncompromisingly ethical
  • A standard of environment as well as the facilities and resources to maximise responsiveness to the needs of mind, body and spirit
  • An exceptional standard of hospitality, especially as it relates to and complements the care of patients in the context of treatment 
  • The treatment experience is in every detail and as a whole, memorable for all the right reasons
  • Subject to independent regulation and inspection – essential safeguards to protect patient and family interests
  • Service delivery that is aligned with the latest research and principles of best practice
  • Self-evaluation and readiness to change

Difficulty linking cause and effect

Understandably, people want to find a service that will help them recover as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately recovery from addiction and some other conditions does not conform to such a clean and decisive process. In the absence of an intervention to which a “cure” could be directly  attributed, The Best Clinic in the World would demonstrate doing everything possible to create the right conditions in every respect to enhance the chances of recovery.

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